12th Planet @ The Loft 9/25/15
by Bradley Loiederman

Photo by Nick Patton

Photo by Nick Patton

John Dadzie, better known as 12th Planet, is producer hailing from SoCal and has recently been named as the “Los Angeles dubstep god” by Rolling Stone. After almost three years since he has come to the far north, he is finally coming back to the cities on September 25th at The Loft!

From the start of his career, 12th Planet has been one of the most influential producers of bass music in America. He came out into the scene in 2006, when North America was just starting to wrap its head around dubstep. He released some of the first tracks that really created a momentum in the United States EDM scene and collaborated with artists such as Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Datsik. Since the start, he has been recognized as one of the most legendary producers around. In 2012, his track with Juakali and Doctor P, “Reasons”, was listed in SPIN Magazine’s “30 Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time”. He has also been named the “King of Dubstep” by SPIN Magazine and “US dubstep godfather” by Mixmag. Not only has he created a huge name for himself, but his record label, SMOG Records, has broken many talented producers out into the scene since its start in 2006. Some producers that are signed to SMOG include Antiserum, Flinch, and DLX, all producers that were and continue to be very influential in the bass scene. In fact, MTV labeled SMOG Records as a “pioneering incubator of bass music in America”. With almost 10 years under his belt and a list of accomplishments to prove it, 12th Planet is a very influential artist with no end in sight!

One of the reasons 12th Planet has been such a major influence in dubstep and just EDM in general is due to the extreme heaviness of his tracks. Whether it be dubstep, trap, or drum and bass, all of his tracks and remixes have a certain heaviness to them that no other producer can replicate. They are all filled with thrilling buildups, gigantic drops, and brutal slams of sounds and notes that can make a crowd break through the floor! Take his track “Murdaaa” with Mayhem for example: even though it is considered a trap song, the drop is filled with sharp, industrial screeches and heavy dubstep sounds. It almost sounds like a cross between typical trap and UK industrial dubstep. Not only is he able to add heavy dubstep vibes into other genres, but he has a knack of turning the most melodic of music into some of the most hardcore. He took Pretty Lights’ “Go Down Sunshine”, which is a groovy, melodic track, into one of the most slam-filled remixes out there! 12th Planet can provide intense amounts of energy to any crowd he’s in front of, making his show an experience you must have!

Although John Dadzie has been creating music under the name “12th Planet” for almost 10 years, he has been working in the electronic industry for over 17 years! Prior to melting music-lover’s minds with heavy dubstep as 12th Planet, he produced and spun drum n’ bass tracks under the name “Infiltrata”. After creating drum n’ bass for eight years, he decided it was time to change things up and created 12th Planet. However, his experience creating and performing drum n’ bass has made him a master at all things bass and further strengthened his resting place as king of dubstep!

12th Planet has been one of the most influential names in EDM across America, helping bring UK-style dubstep to bass fiends of the US and creating a record label that promotes up-and-coming bass artists. His music is filled with heavy drops and insane bass, making even the most stern of concertgoers’ heads bang. So make sure to bring a bucket to The Loft for when your face melts, and let’s make 12th Planet’s visit to Minnesota on September 25th the best one yet!

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