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--- J U S T I C E ---
* DJ Set *
Paris, France

Yup...that's right...JUSTICE! These guys have been putting out sick electro and rock influenced house music since 2003 when they first started producing tunes for Ed Banger records. Since then they've released two critically acclaimed full length albums ('†' and 'Audio, Video, Disco') and have gained massive popularity from their hit singles "D.A.N.C.E.", "Waters of Nazareth", "We Are Your Friends", "Civilization" and their remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel". They are now world renowned headliners having hit all the big festivals in 2012. Their history in Minneapolis is short but legendary. Gaspard and Xavier have performed only one time in Minneapolis and it was a raucous October night in 2007 where they performed live at the now defunct Foundation nightclub. Party goers were literally hanging from the ceiling of the club! It was insanity! Sound In Motion invites you to Epic to welcome Justice back for what's sure to be another energetic and memorable night. Do the D-A-N-C-E, 1, 2, 3, 4, fight, Stick to the B-E-A-T, Get ready to ignite!!!


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