Allan Kingdom: GLAM NYE 2016 @ Muse
by Annette Lucero

Look no further than the trees; suddenly you’ll see the backdrop of inspiration for Allan Kingdom. Canadian born and of South African and Tanzanian decent, Allan Kingdom sports unwavering determination. His beginnings in St. Paul stem from the desire to create for creation itself; expression was ever more present than industry copies. What’s more, St. Paul’s slight location isolation sets resources far from the musically inclined; the byproduct is working with whatever is available. Studio time and networking is invaluable, as content and exposure go farther than a simple side stage act. Unless, that is, it’s with Kanye West at the BRIT awards.

Allan Kingdom’s sudden spotlight represents more than another story of climbing the ladder. He walks the fine line of keeping close to his roots, while still letting the world hear his voice. It’s a hard battle to fight when one’s parent was previously doubtful; good intentions at the core. The fears of a volatile industry were well placed; each niche of music carries its own burdens, demons and manipulations. Yet, Allan Kingdom did not stray. He walked to the studio amidst the Minnesota cold, and he used any resource available to cast a flare into the industry’s face. Future Memoirs is one of Allan’s recent collective works, the byproduct of refusing to surrender passion and artistic expression.

What’s more, Allan Kingdom’s style reflects the gray zone in which he was raised. Allan Kingdom is the first of his family to be born outside of Africa; his character is considered slightly foreign due to a language gap and more Westernized nature. However, Allan’s mother exposed him to East African and Central African dance music early on, leaving an invaluable imprint to shadow his voice. Intertwined with an upbringing surrounded by nature, one begins to understand why Allan Kingdom’s voice and style is so unheard of. Allan can paint the same story as any other individual, yet he’d rather not. His growth was not amidst industrial warehouses, but amidst the nature and vibrant vein that is Minnesota.

Allan Kingdom’s showmanship tells the story of an individual with nothing to lose. His presence is 110%; hard work is only so large without one’s soul in the creation, and Allan Kingdom slays the difference. Sauvé rhythm and words smoother than fine wine leave SIMshows excited for a NYE outside of the norm. Glamour and a red-carpet quality night are about to witness why one of St. Paul’s best deserve the recognition they’ve received. Don’t miss out on one of the top five places for NYE; buy your ticket here.