Aly & Fila @ REV 1/29
by Annette Lucero

Brought straight to us from Cairo, Egyptian duo Aly and Fila are about to make REV their temporary home January 29th. Breathtaking chords mixed into a far-away, story-like production speak of the renowned trance that is Aly and Fila; their journey is laid with humility and hard work. Before there was Youtube, Reddit, or any production-friendly, blog-esphere readily available, there were manuals and mistakes for producers. Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib grew up in a space of music; yet, their space was limited in the pursuit of creation. While music structure was taught within a college production course or through collaboration, chord progressions and overlays were independently learned.

Aly and Fila’s beginnings did not have it as good as the modern producer, yet their surrounding limitations did not stop them. They’ve painstakingly learned how to both produce and master their own tracks, as well as how to select and critic vocalists properly.  Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib have pursued the art of harder trance, while striking their own wistful and melodic take on it. Some may say that Aly and Fila’s music is original trance, the true vain of music that opened the doors for countless producers after them. What others must remember, however, is that true trance does not come with seniority; trance comes with the emotions it entertains into existence.

As stories of perseverance go, Aly and Fila did encounter a struggle a few years back. While playing a gig in Mexico, one of the monitors blew out and severely damaged Aly’s hearing. Even with sound protection in place, Aly’s ears sustained such damage that touring means risking permanent hearing lose. As a result, Fila tours when called upon and Aly produces in the midst of Fila’s absence. It is important to note that both artists are heavily involved in their productions, collaborations and branding; childhood friendships simply makeup for the kind of commitment no contract sees.

Industry veterans and self-made producers are a rare combination to behold these days. As devoted Aly and Fila fans fill the dance floor January 29th, we’d like to invite the rest of the SIMshow family to witness Minneapolis trance history in the making. Make sure to welcome Aly and Fila at REV; buy your tickets here.