Andrew Bayer: Heart-felt Momentum
by Annette Lucero


Dangerously talented and still flirting with the limelight, Andrew Bayer has only begun to peak around the corner. Audience members are in for a rare experience Friday night; REV’s progressive heartstrings are about to be pulled by a soulfully electronic grip. The Washington, D.C. native is not only notorious for his Anjunabeats presence, but also for his seamless production. Andrew Bayer compositions breathe beats in and out of transmission; chord elements mimic smoke under water in their appearance and disappearance. Result translates passion; Andrew Bayer is often times quietly complimented as the forth, unofficial member of Above and Beyond. An ode with weight, as it speaks of Bayer’s pursuit to bring back journey and progression across today’s records.

Although Andrew Bayer’s debut album, It’s Artificial, came out in 2011 on Anjunabeats, the “Do Androids Dream Tour” is the first of its kind for the Anjuna member. Highly anticipated and long-overdue, the tour is accompanied through Minneapolis by its ridiculous EP counterpart, Do Androids Dream.

Seriously, if you don’t listen to this EP, you’re hiding under the wrong rock.

Adding into the momentum, “Nobody Told Me”’s debut at ABGT 150 in Sydney, Australia has only driven anticipation. Andrew Bayer tracks and sets hold the ridiculous capability of balancing high-carrying beats and heart-felt momentum. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the next cornerstones of progressive and trance; buy your tickets here.

Written By Annette Lucero