ATB @ REV Ultra Lounge 10/24/15
by Bradley Loiederman

Andre Tanneberger, who goes by the stage name ATB, is a legendary trance and house producer and DJ coming from the far-away land of Germany. After more than a five year wait, he is finally coming back to the cities on October 24th at REV Ultra Lounge!

Andre Tanneberger’s first musical success was not ATB; it was, in fact, an EDM group dubbed Sequential One, which started in 1993. However, after mild success with that group in Germany and surrounding countries in Europe, he started his side project, ATB, in February 1998. His first track, which is arguably one of his most influential, is titled “9PM (Till I Come)” and quickly made its way to the top of the UK Music Charts in 1999. Since his solo start in 1999, he has released nine albums and has produced 26 gold and 15 platinum albums! In fact, DJ magazine has ranked ATB in the top 20 best DJs in the world for more than three years! Although his production work is jaw-dropping and has gained extreme success throughout the years, his DJing work is not to go unappreciated either! He has played at some of the most famous clubs, cities, and festivals around the world, such as Ministry of Sound, EDC, Ibiza, Pacha, Ultra, and many more! He had also gained a residency at the world-famous Marquee Club in Las Vegas, which he recently left to go on tour and work on his tracks. ATB is one of the main artists to put EDM on the map and continues to top the charts all over the world!

ATB is one of the most iconic producers because of his ability to use minimalistic elements and turn them into groovy, body-moving tracks. Instead of moving from the introductory sounds to the main verse to the buildup and so on, he builds different sounds and notes on top of each other, similar to how minimalist composers create their pieces. Take his recent track, “Twisted Love”, for example: he creates an ambient sound at the beginning with little droplets of noise that come in and out. He then adds a vocal level and an additional melodic level but never takes out the ambient sound. Although different parts of the vocals and melody change throughout the song, the changes feel like they are being added and subtracted smoothly rather than being cut and folded into different parts of the song. As well, the ambient sound with the little droplets of noise continue through the entire track and bring the track to a conclusion at the end. Using minimalistic elements and smooth mixing techniques, as well as incorporating beautiful melodies and harmonies, ATB makes beautiful compositions that can keep the energy going for eternity, making it a no brainer as to why he’s so successful!

Being active in the scene for over 22 years, ATB is known for his extreme international success in house and trance, as well as for his beautifully created compositions and sets. It’s not very often in Minneapolis that an artist comes who can take you on a tour through the then-and-now of electronic music, but ATB will definitely do that and more! So come take a tour through time and dance the night away with ATB at REV Ultra Lounge on October 24th!

Tickets are available here.