Au5: Beautifully and Terrifyingly Eye-Opening
by Annette Lucero



Listening to an Au5 track requires a bit more than simple hearing. Amidst the keys and melodies written for a song, Austin Collins transforms genre beats into unheard of eye-openers. Sitting down and listening to a track doesn’t cut it; Au5 holds the rare talent of taking melodies, and completely re-structuring their lasting effect. A beat’s core may be the same; yet, the twists and manipulations that follow leave a listener hesitant.

Hesitant; a word often times attributed to a negative connotation. However, Au5 re-writes the meaning as well as he re-creates music genres. The “hesitant” that sparks from listening to Austin’s tracks don’t make a music lover cringe; rather, Au5’s “hesitant” makes a listener go, “Did that melody just happen?” The music is a double-edged breath of fresh air; on one side, a music addict cannot get enough of something so new and creative. On the other hand, many current tracks lose traction in comparison. Au5 is incredibly talented in making a listener pause in concentration, while re-defining talent and sensibility. The style is beautiful; different genres are interlaced as if they were originally supposed to be. Yet, such a remarkable talent is as equally terrifying; once someone listens to Au5’s spectrum of music, most other tracks fall short of new found expectations.

With a tingling-glitchy style that’s sure to reset the musical spectrum, Au5 is a part of the next talented generation coming forth into the scene. Yet, unlike most hard drum and bass tracks these days, Au5’s style softens typical glitches and scrunches. Melodies are transformed; typically harsh tracks see the softening of their edges. Music lovers are left bewildered; the connection is not Seven Lions nostalgic, nor Adventure Club deep. Instead, the music holds a powerfully soothing chaos; it speaks of honesty and peace amidst brutal confusion.

Come this Saturday night, Infected Mushroom will be gracing Skyway’s stage with forthcoming talent. Don’t miss the chance to see this rare act; Au5 will be one to look out for. Grab your tickets here.

Written by Annette Lucero