Summer Set 2017: AUDIEN
by Annette Lucero

Respected for his ability to juggle multiple genres, Audien does not disappoint with his production range. Originals, remixes and collaborations are often times long-awaited; the biggest surprise lays in what style Audien moves next. Humble beginnings stem from a family passionate for music, as Audien’s mother worked for a radio station and both parents were big fans. Childhood exposure to video game soundtracks spurred Audien’s early interest in production, and illegal warehouse raves were where Audien first learned to DJ.

Audien’s capability to resonate with multiple fanbases stems from his desire to not confine himself to one genre. Tracks such as “Something Better” featuring Lady Antebellum helped expose Audien to an array of country-friendly fans, while fusing typical chords with echoing electro. Pieces such as ”Rooms” put Audien on the radar of many Trance fans, and Audien‘s recent release, “One More Weekend” featuring MAX, proves that he can comfortably toss trap and future into a delicately balanced track. Audien’s ability to dance between genres and balance their complexity makes his incoming Summer Set Music and Camping Festival set all the more savory.