Union Takeover: Autograf On The Rooftop 4.25.15
by Bradley Loiederman

Autograf, who hail from the Windy City, are a trio of tropical/indie house producers known for their beautiful and emotional remixes of artists such as Odesza, Lorde, and Daft Punk. They will be performing live at their debut in Minnesota at Union Rooftop and Rev Ultra Lounge on April 25th!

The team of young producers have gained momentum in the past year. For almost an entire year, Autograf has been touring  the country spreading sounds of sunshine and swimsuits to dancers in every city. Their success has flown even higher after joining Klingade and Arnold Pol on their tour through Canada and the West Coast. Autograf was also recently featured on Christina Perri’s remix album and were asked to Odesza’s No Sleep Ultra After Party, further leaving their “autograf” on concert-goers!

The trio has been one of the big players in the new genre dubbed “tropical house”. Their chill rhythms mixed with their vibrant melodic tones create this serene environment that makes you crave a pina colada and a palm tree, not what one would expect coming from a Chicago-based group! And if you’re more into “going one deeper”, you are in luck! Autograf is known for mixing pungent tropical tones with smooth deep house vibes, creating a dreamscape of sound, like they did in their most recent release, “Dream”.

Autograf preaches about leaving your mark on the world, and they definitely know how to do so! They always perform live, often with instruments like xylophones, saxophones, keyboards, etc. They also build their own instruments and their own stage setup, incorporating acrylic LED lights that are sound-reactive. Building both the instruments and the stage setup allows Autograf to blend both together, creating an art piece that takes the full stage!

Mixing smile-jerking, upbeat music with a full gallery of light art, Autograf will definitely be leaving their mark on the Union Rooftop! So make sure to get your smiles and summer vibes ready to leave your autograf at Union Rooftop and Rev Ultra Lounge on April 25th!

Limited tickets are still available here.