Avicii “Wake Me Up” #3 Track of 2013
by jacktrash

Few artists throughout the history of EDM have had the impact as the Swedish dj/producer Avicii.  With his hit single “Levels” he established himself as a force to be reckoned with across every club, festival, and EDM listener, but it was his 2013 album release TRUE that really took Avicci to the next “Level” (haha, sorry).  TRUE features Avicii mixing his trademark melody-driven progressive house with a blue-grass/country mood and vocals, creating songs that upon thinking about them seem strange, but upon listening to them turn your head in ways you never thought were imaginable.

Avicii’s first single of the album, “Wake Me Up”, features the vocals of Aloe Blacc, and has hit #1 in 22 countries and counting.  “Wake Me Up” has taken over clubs, car stereos, Top 40 radio, streams, downloads, workout mixes, pretty much everywhere in pop culture.  How about over 212 MILLION views on youtube alone!?!?  “Wake Me Up” comes in at the SIMshows #3 track of the year, as you simply can not stop yourself from falling for this track.