INTERVIEW: Anthony Leone – Le Asian De Persuasion
by Stephen Mann

“Let’s see…DJing doesn’t get you girls, it doesn’t get you money.”


The Sit-Down Interview with AZNPersuasion

This Above& Beyond fanatic knows a thing or two about good music. In the middle of phone calls from mother and work, I sat down with Anthony Leone to discuss his electronic upbringing and his ongoing Sound In Motion adventure.

SIM: “So how old were you when you got into electronic music?”

Anthony: “I didn’t really start listening to electronic music until probably senior year of high school; when [I was 18] my friend showed me Skrillex for the first time. It was “Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits”; he just shoved a pair of headphones on me, and was like, ‘listen’. Skrillex led to Excision, Downlink- all the heavy dubstep hitters. As for how I got started in DJing, the same friend who showed me electronic music threw basement parties where he DJ’d. I was like ,’Oh, that looks like fun, maybe I can do it’, so I bought a [$100]controller, and then I DJ’d on Virtual DJ with a Numark Mixtrak Pro.”
SIM:”And your first show?”

Anthony: “I actually saw Skrillex for the first time at The Skyway Theater [in 2011], with Porter Robinson and ZEDD. That was a SIM show too.”

SIM: “You got into DJING at like what, 19, 20?”

Anthony: “It was 19ish. My first DJing gig was when [Sound in Motion] held River’s Edge Music Festival; there was a DJing competition for one of the slots at the silent disco, and I was like ‘I’m a DJ’ (but I really wasn’t).”

SIM: *laughter* “So you were like the guy that comes in for the 8 o’clock slot and goes ‘I’M THE DJ, WHERE’S MY PLUS ONE?!” (royal highness status)

Anthony: “Yeah, basically.”*laughter*

SIM: “So what gig made you go ‘I want to DJ for a while’? The show that made you go, ‘Dude, I really want to do this?’”

Anthony: I played a lot of Barfly front room sets for a while. 2012ish [Sound in Motion] brought Figure here. That was my first side stage booking; I was on at 9 pm. It was the first show that made me go ‘This is cool, I really like this.’”
Although AZNPersuasion has been DJing for two and a half years, he’s only recently became responsible for Sound In Motion’s local artist-booking. In April 2014, Anthony was a part of the side-stage booking crew, and by June, the official local artist-booking manager for the largest dance music promotions company in Minnesota.

SIM: “So you now do booking for Sound In Motion. Do you watch the stage during the set? Are you watching the crowd’s response, or if [the DJ] is interacting with the crowd?

Anthony: “When I watch another DJ play, the main thing I focus on is on their transitions. If they have great transitions, I don’t have a problem with them. If they don’t, they need to stay calm [and work through it].”

In discussing the talent Anthony has met (Figure, Excision, Valentino Khan, Disco Biscuits, Big Gigantic, Boyz Noise, 12th Planet, Dillon Francis, Ferry Corsten, etc.) , Ferry Corsten’s notable advice was, ”to be yourself” in regards to DJing. As for Anthony’s “honorary moment” in the electronic industry, he’s been featured on Dillon Francis’ website…for photobombing.

The picture was captioned as, “Photobomb Asian Dude”.



And what AZNPersuasian wishes he’d been told going into DJing?
Anthony: “Let’s see…DJing doesn’t get you girls, it doesn’t get you money.” *laughter*


Written by Annette Lucero