JUST ANNOUNCED: “Back To Vinyl Tour” W/ Bad Boy Bill & Richard Vission!
by Bradley Loiederman


With all the computerization that goes into Djing nowadays, it’s always mesmorising to stare into a turntable and watch a DJ work vinyl like nobody’s business. And in September, we get to have a whole night of that! On September 16th, Rev will be transported to 1990s Chicago as Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission take the stage for a solely vinyl tour!

One of the earliest and largest EDM scenes was the Chicago House scene in the late 80s and early 90s, and Bad Boy Bill is one of the biggest players in making that scene happen. Bad Boy Bill started in 1985 as an opener for the Hot Mix 5 Djs at parties all around Chicagoland. In 1987, he started his first cassette mix tape series, titled “Hot Mix”, and is credited for being the first DJ to mass produce mix tapes in Chicago. In 1995, Bill continued to be at the forefront of trends in EDM and created Mix Connection Multimedia, the first company in Chicago to produce legally licensed mixes. MCM is notorious for producing Bangin’ The Box, one of the best selling mix series in EDM history, as well as produce one of the most notorious duos in all of Chicago house, The House Connection!

This is where Richard Vission comes into play. After breaking out in the LA house scene in the late 80s and early 90s, Richard Vission teamed up with Bad Boy Bill to create The House Connection in 1997. Although The House Connection only lasted until late 1998, the collaboration is often scene as a turning point in house music and allowed for many subgenres of house to branch off. Since 1998, Richard Vission became a Grammy-nominated producer and hosts the longest-running mix show in the United States. He has also remixed for the likes of Radiohead, RuPaul, Donna Summer, and Lady GaGa and has been a resident DJ on MTV. As for Bad Boy Bill, he has been ranked as America’s Favorite House DJ three times by BPM as well as in the top 100 Djs of the world by DJ Mag.

After making fans excited in 2013 about the possibility of The House Connection reoccurring with the release of a collaboration mix, Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission released just a few days ago that they would be touring the country together on a solely vinyl tour! In the release, they described the tour as “no sync buttons/no software/no loop buttons/just skill”, making the bone-shaking anticipation for this tour rise! And if that wasn’t enough, they released a new collab track on vinyl titled “Everybody Jumpin’”, bringing that iconic Chicago and LA sound back to the spotlight. You can listen to the track at the top of the blog and get your blood pumping for this tour! Nothing can transport you back to the early stages of EDM like old-school vinyl house, and Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission are sure to bring that and more on September 16th!

With all the new talent surfacing throughout the scene, it’s nice to remember the old-school cats that set the foundation for modern EDM. After taking a hiatus from touring together for more than eight years, Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission are coming back together to remind the youngsters of the power of Chicago house and pure vinyl sets. So get ready to travel back in time and give these legends some love on September 16th at Rev!

Tickets are available here.