Summer Set 2017: BAKERMAT
by Annette Lucero

Regarded for a circus-like energy during his sets, Bakermat doesn’t hold back. Classical influence is fused with a taste for tropical, future, and whatever else the doctor orders, as each Bakermat track is vastly different from the rest. The reason for such transitional styles in production is due to Bakermat‘s traveling and personal exposure. His music is often times inspired by the places and cultures he meets while touring, resulting in an ever-evolving sound that refuses to be pinned down. What’s more, Bakermat’s drive to translate positive energy leads to the creation of worry-free spaces. His sets are for those looking to enjoy the energy of those around them; there’s no headliner frenzy here. However, as humble as Bakermat may be, his set is a guaranteed must-see at Summer Set Music and Camping Festival.