The Art of Vinyl W/ Bad Boy Bill & Richard Vission on 9/16!
by Bradley Loiederman


Bad Boy Bill teamed with Richard Vission, both house DJ veterans, and combined their talents to bring us a back-to-back all-vinyl North American tour, focusing on getting back to the roots of electronic music. Both have such a passion for house music and also have such an astounding natural ability behind the turntables. Going on 20+ years, they are back in action bringing us an all vinyl set!

Both respect the art of mixing on vinyl because that’s where it all began for them. This one of a kind tour will exclusively feature vinyl only and include brand new music. Today, many EDM fans 25 and younger had never even seen a full vinyl show before. Venues today have shifted their setups to meet the demands of new technology. Moreover, DJ booths have become smaller in size and outfitted with loud bass speakers, which is great if you use Serato (an interface DJ’s use in combination with turntables or CD deck) but not so great for sensitive wax and needle rigs.

Both DJ’s have to test out varieties of tables with each individual sound system and go through six or more turntables a night just to find four that will sound amazing with the venue’s system. Sound checks can take as long as five to six hours! Yes, it is a process.
Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission will always be legends for their amazing contribution to the vinyl and EDM world, both being praised for what they did and are still doing today. The industry and fans are always wondering what they will do next!
If you have not witnessed an all vinyl show, now is the time to witness these two DJs live at Rev Ultra Lounge this Friday in downtown Minneapolis!

Tickets are available here.

Written by: Mary Noel