Beats Antique @ Myth 10/17 : Creature Carnival Tour
by Stephen Mann



Well known to fans in the scene, dynamic trio David Satori, Zoe Jakes, and Tommy Cappel, known as “Beats Antique” will be hitting their fans with the a set not to be forgotten at Myth on October 18th in Minneapolis, MN. Hosting a tour that includes stops in Australia, Beats Antique’s Fall schedule includes playing shows at venues in a wide variety of places – mainly throughout the US.

Originating in 2007, Beats Antique formed in San Francisco, California when Zoe Jakes convinced her manager Miles Copeland to fund their first debut album called “Tribal Derivations” with his record label “Copeland International Arts.” After their first album release, Beats Antique’s popularity took off, and the trio started performing small tours, which in turn created a diverse fan base and the start of a new musical phenomenon.

A recent album release in April of 2014,  called “A thousand faces- Act II” crosses many musical cultures and creates an album with a more Classical, and Tribal Dance feel, meshing them into music genres such as Trip-Hop, Afro Beat, Flamenco, and French Gypsy Jazz.

Beats Antique classifies themselves as an electronic and world fusion trio, but fans consider them to be even more when they perform on stage. They are not only an influential band in today’s chill music scene, but they also paved the way for many similar artists. If you enjoy culturally diverse music with a laid-back crowd to match, a show performed by Beats Antique is one not to be missed on October 18th at the Myth.



By Ashley Pederson