Kristina Sky @ REV 5/12/18

by Annette Lucero

At long last, our rescheduled Kristina Sky show is making its debut. Right in time for the guest of honor’s birthday as well, Kristina Sky is set to make REV move! Saturday night is shaping up to be an especially special one, as SIMshows and Tee So co-host “No Boys In The Booth”.

Kristina Sky is notorious for a style ranging from progressive house, to melodically intoxicating trance. Her tracks have found themselves on some impressive labels, such as “Ultra”, Armin Van Buuren’s “Armada”, and Paul Van Dyk’s “Vandit”, to name a few. What’s more, this LA local is always looking to customize her sets; she’s keen on fresh material.

Kristina Sky’s sound has placed her at impressive festivals such as Coachella, Groove-Cruise and Dreamstate SoCal. She’s played on the international stage multiple times, and has even found herself making appearances in China, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Her fans are notoriously die-hard too, keeping her placement on the Tranceaddict Top 250 DJ Poll steady since day one.

REV is about to get turned into quite the memorable party. Make sure to swing on through, and see what surprises “No Boys In The Booth” has in store. Tickets are still available for Kristina Sky; buy yours here!

#SIMSLAM – Greg Grease

by Annette Lucero

This week’s #SIMSLAM feature spotlights the talented Greg Grease! One of the latest editions to the faculty roster, Mr. Grease instructs Slam Academy’s renowned Hip Hip program.

Over the course of 12 weeks and 3 levels in Slam Academy’s Hip Hop Program, students learn how to record vocals, sample sounds, and polish their artistry for the Hip Hop industry. What’s more, students find themselves taught by both a talented artist, and by a professional who’s “made it”. As an artist, Greg Grease performs both under his self-titled alias “Greg Grease”, as well as with local band Astralblak (a.k.a. ZULUZULUU). Greg’s spectrum ranges from Hip Hop and Rap, to Soul, Funk and Future Space. Much of his work features a blue-collar, Afrocentricity feel, and aims to elevate his listeners.

Slam Academy has gained an incredibly talented instructor. While the Spring session has already begun, Fall spots are still available. If you’re curious to learn more, head on over to Slam Academy and see what else is on their rooster.

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#SIMSLAM – Scott Legere

by Annette Lucero

On this week’s edition of #SIMSLAM, we’d like to introduce Slam Academy’s latest team player: Scott LeGere. The former Music Business Department head at McNally Smith, Scott LeGere joined Slam shortly after McNally’s closure this past fall. Besides over 20+ years of generous industry experience, Scott LeGere brings with him Slam Academy’s latest debut, the Music Industry Program.

In the word’s of Slam Academy’s Recruitment Specialist, “Slam Academy has always offered students various vocational programs in music production and performance, and with the addition of the Music Industry Program, students can now round out their Slam Academy education with industry and career advancing concepts including copyright, business registration, marketing, and emerging revenue sources”.

Students will be able to both hone in and tailor their musical skill sets, while additionally learning the marketing discipline and entrepreneurial hunt it takes to sell one’s talent in both a professional and profitable manner. In today’s technological age, countless music platforms and streaming services are seeing a plethora of emerging talent every single day. If an artist wants their music to stand out, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a good sound isn’t always enough. If you’re curious to learn more, or to give the class a trial run, Slam Academy will be offering a free two-hour introduction class on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 11 am. Scott Legere will be leading the course – did we mention he’s engineered Grammy-nominated albums, and worked alongside Prince?

More on Scott Legere:

#SIMSLAM – Slam Academy Open House, March 10th!

by Annette Lucero

Looking for a fun activity this coming Saturday? Look no further than Slam Academy! This coming weekend, Slam Academy will be opening its doors and hosting its bi-monthly open house. From 3-5pm, curious guests can come in, and get to know how Slam Academy really works.

No topics and questions are off the table, and you can be sure to find yourself surrounded by some of the best instructors available! Staff will be on-hand to provide insight into an array of topics, ranging from financial aid to studio hardware. What’s more, Slam Academy “Open House”s also help show prospective students exactly what they’re paying for. Slam Academy features a backbone of Abelton-certified instructors, and a dizzying array of studio space, leaving its environment resource-rich for its students.

If you’re curious to learn more, make sure to register and head on over to Slam Academy, March 10th! For event registration and details, click here.


Desiigner @ The Armory 2/24/18

by Bradley Loiederman

Photo by Robert Wunsch

At this point and time, it’s safe to say that most of us have heard the infamous “Panda” song by Desiigner. The great news is that Desiigner is making a stop to the Armory as a special guest for Steve Aoki alongside Quintino and other Dim Mak guests!

Sidney Royel Selby III, better known as his stage name Desiigner, started off his career in 2015 under various aliases, such as Dezolo and Designer Royel. Once he settled on Desiigner, he released his first track in late 2015, called “Zombie Walk” however, it wasn’t until the next year when he released his single “Panda” that brought him to fame. Soon after, he signed with Def Jam Recordings, a large hip-hop record label.

Later the same year in 2016, Desiigner released his debut mixtape album, called “New English”. The album had 14 tracks, with some being short mixes, showed off his style and sounds. His rapping style and vocals are often compared to famous rapper, Future; however, Desiigner flaunts his own artistic techniques in his music, such as the infamous “tongue roll” that appears in all of his songs.

Desiigner has worked with many different artists of different styles, including BTS, a korean pop boy band, as well as Steve Aoki, who most recently remixed Desiigner and BTS’ song, “Mic Drop” that has received notable attention.

Desiigner will be making his way to Minneapolis with headliner Steve Aoki and other guests like Quintino and Dim Mak artists Bad Royale, Max Styler, and Box Nero! It’s a show you won’t want to miss. Who’s ready to get #caked?

Tickets available here.

Written by Katherine Xu