On the Radar: HRMNY

by Annette Lucero

With the Minnesotan frozen tundra finally thawing in time for spring(?), summer(?) (who knows), San Holo’s vibe pulls us all toward a fast-approaching festival season. The LOFT is set to dance to experimental future bass and trap this upcoming Saturday, and SIMshows couldn’t be more excited to host it. A diversified local lineup makes it all the more interesting, as JT&T, Paul Chang and HRMNY will each grace the stage before San Holo. Home-grown talent HRMNY recently sat down with SIMshows, and we have to say, we loved the quick run-down of their A-game.

Created by Alex Schmitt and Cole Timko, HRMNY is the byproduct of a spontaneous back-to-back, house-party set. The duo recognized their seamless flow, and decided to explore additional creative outlets through production and DJing. Citing influences such as Seven Lions, Porter Robinson, Illenium and REZZ, Alex Schmitt and Cole Timko are currently in the process of tailoring their unique sound. As HRMNY notes,

“Future bass holds the majority of our production at the moment, but we have some unreleased Dubstep, Deep House, and some flat out weird sh*t we aren’t sure what to do with yet. We started our new alias very recently so we only have one song released thus far, however, we have plenty of more tracks to come!”

As for what to expect at their set this upcoming Saturday night? A HRMNY of typically clashing styles. While Cole Timko holds DJ roots in Future Bass and Dubstep, Alex Schmitt pays his respects through Tropical and Progressive House. HRMNY knows their balancing act is uncalled for, yet they could care less about the challenge:

“We want to bring large amounts of energy to whatever venue we’re at. Like any new local artist, we usually won’t have a bunch of lights and CO2 while we play, so we want to keep things as entertaining as possible. That’s why we freestyle every set to stay fresh. We really enjoy making every set a journey, so our playlists are meticulously organized but never pre-determined. Like we touched on before, you’ll hear a crazy variety of styles in our set, but we strive to make it flow in a way that leaves people feeling like they experienced something. We use music to be who we dream of being, which allows us to connect to those who are listening because we know that they all have dreams as well. We are especially excited to play the Dark Room at San Holo because first of all: he’s great. Secondly: we feel like the vibes in the dark room have always fit our style. The crowd in there is supportive of every artist and the place gets wild. We love it.”

“Our favorite part about our journey is meeting people with similar interests. Especially those who are pursuing something that is unique and creative. If you like our set, come say ‘Hi’; we want to meet you. If you don’t like our set….come say ‘Hi’; we still want to meet you!”

HRMNY’s presence at The Loft with San Holo this Saturday night is a set to be witnessed, but tickets for this amazing show are becoming slim. Make sure to grab your tickets here before they’re gone. And if you’re trying to win tickets, share our interview post on Facebook and comment your favorite local right now; you may be the lucky one to win a free ticket!

Looking for more HRMNY? Follow them here:

Facebook: officialhrmny/

Instagram / Twitter: @officialhrmny
Soundcloud: officialhrmny

Bakermat @ Rev 3/17/17

by Mary Noel

Bakermat, the Dutch Deep House producer, is one of the biggest rising stars of the last six months. With his new sound, he immediately captured the hearts of a widespread audience with tropical roots. Bakermat began to make music at the age of 18 when he was studying at the University of Utrecht and discovered deep house. Quickly practicing his DJing and his production techniques, he released two EP’s in 2012: one called Vandaag, and one being a breakthrough in his production called Zomer hitting two million views on YouTube. Soon after the EP releases, Bakermat came to the attention of several electronic house labels. He signed to the dance agency Soulmax shortly after. In 2013, he put out the Uitzicht EP on Soundplate Records, and the title track “Uitzicht” was soon a huge hit on several singles charts.

High profile DJ gigs followed in 2014 such as performing at Tomorrowland and other gigantic festivals. He has laid down the foundation for his popularity, and nowadays he is well known for his instrumental Jazz infused Tropical Deep House sound. Don’t forget to check him out at the Rev this Friday the 17th!

Tickets are available here. And if you’re trying to win some free tickets to this tropical event, make sure to share our Bakermat blog Facebook post and tag your crew!

Ascension Presented By SIMShows @ Rev!

by Annette Lucero

“So, what is Ascension…?”

Excellent question! If you’ve been “liking” SIMshows on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you may have noticed one of our occasional events titled, “Ascension”. Catering to all things trance and melodic, Ascension is a SIMshows curated specialty. Some weekends, we like to invite talented trance artists to come play at REV and offer patrons an affordable deal in advance. Prime example at the moment: UCast. The April 1st show has been steadily selling tickets on , and we’re pretty excited to welcome UCast to the Twin Cities.

As for the weekend that just needs a night out, we’ve got you covered! During select weekends, SIM fans and REV regulars can find themselves dancing away to favorite tracks, all for free! No cover needed, just 21+. If you’re curious to discover which Ascension nights are no cover, follow us on our channels below to stay up to date on the latest information. As for the vibe on no cover nights at REV? The Ascension goal is quite simple: let’s get some talented locals on the decks and have a good time. Whether someone is stopping in to say hello, or finding themselves there out of curiosity, Ascension events are a guaranteed good time for trance fans and locals alike.

We’ve got some fun nights planned ahead at REV; make sure to stay tuned! Follow Ascension events on these respective channels:





Tchami @ First Ave 3/5/17

by Mary Noel

Hailing from Paris, France, Tchami is no stranger to the dance music industry. The French DJ Martin Bresso produces what he refers to as “future house”, which is a smooth blend of uplifting deep house mixed with flashy electronic tendencies. Originally known for remixes and sample-based tracks, he began producing remixes and original tracks that topped the charts in 2013 including “Promesses” featuring Kaleem Taylor and “Shot Caller” as free digital singles. Both tracks were later re-released as singles and became very successful. “Promesses” hit the top 10 of the U.K. singles chart. Keeping 2013 rolling, Tchami also co-produced three tracks on Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP , further showing his skill. More recent years have brought some of Tchami’s most infamous material: “Untrue” appeared in 2014 and following that “After Life” and “Missing You” in 2015.

Having Gained the support of so many great artists such as A-trak, Dillon Francis, and Skrillex, Tchami’s career is already off to a great start. You will be sure to see Tchami’s name across the states now as he is on tour. Be sure you check him out March 5th at the First Ave Main Room with special guest MERCER!

Tickets are available here.

Sonny Fodera @ Rev 3/3/17

by Bradley Loiederman

A few short years can make a great impact on an artist’s career, and that is very true with Sonny Fodera. Hailing from Australia and currently residing in London, Sonny Fodera went from a small producer to creating his own subgenre of house and collaborating house legends in just three years. He will be sharing his music with us at Rev this Friday!

Sonny Fodera first started making a name for himself in 2014, with his collaboration with Cervendos titled “Let Go” stayed on the Beatport Deep House Top 10 chart for over 12 weeks. Since then, he has had more than six tracks make it to the Beatport charts and has worked with the likes of Cajmere, Gene Farris, Pleasurekraft, and Low Steppa. He has also had the opportunities to release tracks on Dirybird, Cajual Records, Visionquest, and many more prominent house labels and has played all around the Ibiza circuit so much that he has lived in Ibiza prior. Three months ago, he released his latest EP, Frequenlty Flying, bringing him further and further up the house ladder!

Once you take a listen to Fodera’s tracks, you quickly understand why his name is popping up all over the house community. His work with many different house artists and labels has given him the experience to combine elements of numerous established house subgenres to create his own. One minute, his sound is upbeat and perky, and in the next, it’s dark and mysterious. Take his remix of Rudimental’s “I Am For Love”: it starts out sounding very progressive, making you think the drop will be melodic; and then the drop comes, bringing you into heavy bass and smooth rhythms. Sonny Fodera is a master at creating his own sound, making it a surprise as to where he’s going to go with his set on Friday!

Sonny Fodera has quickly made his mark in house music, bringing up his own sound and taking Ibiza b by storm. He’s coming to Rev this Friday to show us what he’s got, so get your body ready for a night of straight grooving to some Sonny Fodera house!

Tickets are available here.