by Annette Lucero

“Complextro: Defined as the fusion of old school electro, undertone deep house and a dash of progressive”. In the realm of music, complextro is Wolfgang Gartner’s sound. The LA native has been on the pioneer front since 1993; his evolution is the byproduct of relentless sound hunting. What’s more, Wolfgang Gartner sets are characterized by their hungry energy. They draw in listeners and demand immediate attention; a Wolfgang Gartner set is not your typical experience. With tracks such as “Ilmerica” and “We Own the Night” spanning the realm of sound, one never knows what to expect from Wolfgang Gartner. You just know that this seasoned veteran does not f*ck around when he plays. Teased material, seamless turntable mixing and a loyal fan base make Wolfgang Gartner sets all the more exhilarating when presented. Make sure to catch his set at Summer Set this year!

Summer Set 2017: VANIC

by Annette Lucero

One of the most anticipated acts to watch for at Summer Set this August, Vanic is an artist with raw capabilities. The Vancouver native is incredibly versatile; his sets are a fusion of electro, trap and melodic dubstep. A Vanic set is easily characterizable by its ringing chords, tantalizing vocals and bouncing energy. Both remixes and originals are guilty of a head-turning sound, as Vanic’s work is often times quickly accepted, and hungrily waited upon. Works such as “Bounce Back (Vanic Remix)”, “FML” and “Borderline” are a small example of the energy to expect at a Vanic set, and we couldn’t be more excited to witness it this August.

Summer Set 2017: UGLY GOD

by Bradley Loiederman

Royce Davison was born in Indiana and bounced around from city to city while growing up. He was frequently picked on and sought the internet as his refuge. During college at the University of Southern Mississippi, Davison started channelling his weird, internet-age qualities into music under the rap alias Pussy Bacon. However, his parents found out about this stage name and forced him to change it. And thus Ugly God was born!

He released his first track, “FTBT”, on Soundcloud in 2015 and gained over nine million plays. After his immediate success with the first few tracks he released, he started gaining extreme praise in the new school rap scene; this led to him signing to Asylum Records and releasing “Water” in 2016. Ugly God gained an insane amount of popularity from this track and even saw this track hit Billboard’s Hot 100. Since 2016, Ugly God has announced the scheduled release of his first mixtape, titled The Booty Tape; following his mixtape announcement, Ugly God was named one of XXL Magazine‘s “2017 Freshman Class”. In the past couple years, Ugly God has seen a tremendous amount of success before evening releasing his first mixtape. With his mixtape scheduled to come out right before Summer Set, it’ll be the perfect time for his festival debut!

Summer Set 2017: SPACE JESUS

by Mary Noel

Space Jesus is that amazing name that you probably have not heard much of yet, but definitely want and need to. Jasha Tull is a talented but very humble trap-hop producer from Brooklyn, making a name for himself under the name of Space Jesus. His unique music consists of his own signature sound that he somehow incorporates into all of these different types of sub-genres. The New York-based music festival Mysteryland USA named Space Jesus as a top emerging artist and featured him in their aftermovie. His upcoming debut album Close Encounters takes his fans on an intergalactic journey as he explores topics like extraterrestrial grandparents, Instagram “celebrities”, politicians on drugs, and even more topics that many other artists wouldn’t even dare to venture into. His bass heavy music will continue to grow and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Summer Set 2017: SNAILS

by Bradley Loiederman

Hailing from Montreal, Frederik Durand, better known as Snails, broke out in the scene in 2012 with his track “Bubble Gun” on Kannibalen Records. His sound initially was not well recognized by the bass scene. While the bass scene at the time was all about loud bass drops and easy-to-dance-to sequences, Snails was creating creaky, weirdly synthesized dub with strange time signatures. It wasn’t until 2014 that Snails saw major success. His initial success started with his collaborative remix of “Crazy” by Lil Boosie, which has gained over 2.6 million streams. His name blew up even more from his collab with Jack U titled “Holla Out”. Snails went on his first US tour later in the year; within a year, Snails was playing major stages at some of the largest festivals in the country, such as Ultra, EDC Las Vegas, and Electric Forest. Nowadays, Snails is releasing tracks on Monstercat and OWSLA and is gaining recognition from Excision, Skrillex, Flosstradamus, and many other notable artists in the bass scene. In fact, Snails’ sound has influenced bass music and has made a plethora of other artists make vomitstep.

Snails brought his personal fusion of Montreal bass into the international scene. His unique sound has moved the bass scene towards the grotesque, and his live shows have become a staple of every major festival.