Breathe Carolina @ The Loft 7/9/16
by Bradley Loiederman


One of the best things about music is watching a band morph its sound as they grow and mature as artists, and Breathe Carolina is a prime example of this. Starting in 2006, Breathe Carolina were one of the first groups to create the electronicore genre and have since shifted their way into EDM. After almost a two year wait, they will be coming back to the cities again for Bassfreq at The Loft on July 9th!

In the early 2000s, Kyle Evan and David Schmitt played in two separate bands in Denver that would often be on the same lineup. After noticing each others’ musical styles more and more, and with both bands breaking up for college departures, Evan and Schmitt decided to do a project together, and Breathe Carolina was born! In 2007, the group self-released their first EP, titled Gossip, onto iTunes and started gaining momentum through both iTunes and Myspace. They signed to Rise Records in 2008 and released their first album, It’s Classy, Not Classic. After amazing success with their first album and first two tours, Breathe Carolina decided to leave Rise Records and sign onto Fearless Records for their second album, Hello Fascination, which came out in summer 2009. Hello Fascination started creating worldwide buzz around the band, with tracks from that album being used in The Jay Leno Show and on MTV’s The City. After their initial hype, the group released their next album, Hell Is What You Make It, in 2011 containing their most popular song to date, “Blackout”. “Blackout” was first released on MTV for digital streaming and then digital download, and shortly after the release, the band performed it live on Jimmy Kimmel. The track has made it to the top of the charts in Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, as well as getting a gold certification from the RIAA. After signing to Columbia Records and releasing another album, Kyle Evan decided to pursue other projects. This led David Schmitt to switch up Breathe Carolina’s sound in 2014, focusing more on electropop and EDM rather than electronicore. They released a collab with Candyland in 2014 and released a track titled “More Than Ever” onto Spinnin’ Records in 2015. Just three months ago, Breathe Carolina released two collabs with Blasterjaxx, further bringing them into the EDM world. Breathe Carolina is a blast-from-the-past artist that is coming back into the spotlight and taking the scene by storm, making them a group not to sleep on!

Breathe Carolina has always been a very distinct music group because they stand out from every genre they’ve been in. When they focused more on their electronicore sound, they implemented more melodic elements and standard electronic time signatures and tempos that many other electronicore artists weren’t doing. Although they included elements of hardcore (such as hard vocals and breakdowns), their focus was not the “core” part of electronicore. However, when David Schmitt decided to shift the focus to house and other forms of EDM rather than electronicore, he still kept some hardcore influence in Breathe Carolina’s tracks. Take their recent release with Husman for example. Just five days ago, they released a collab track titled “Giants” onto Armada Captivating, already gaining almost 75,000 plays. The track is a beautiful cross between progressive house and trance; however, when you listen closely at the drop, it uses a decent amount of up-tempo synth riffs, sounds that are not used very often in house and trance music. Breathe Carolina have shifted through multiple subgenres within an overarching title of electronic music, giving their new house tracks a flavor of many different facets of the genre.

While many bands and producers continue to play with the newest and most expensive software available, Breathe Carolina has proven that you can make great music without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on programs. Breathe Carolina started their career by creating songs solely on GarageBand. In fact, both the Gossip EP and It’s Classy, Not Classic were created only using GarageBand. And even with only using an application that comes free on Mac computers, they were still able to get signed to two large-sized record labels. Breathe Carolina were one of the big bands to prove that you can be successful without using the flashiest software available, and they continue to make great music using many different programs.

Hailing from Denver, Breathe Carolina have been through many genre and member changes throughout the years. They went from bring an electronicore band to an electropop band to a house and electro production group, picking up aspects from each genre and incorporating them into their music along the way. This has gotten them featured on multiple late night and MTV programs as well as having a chart-topping song in countries around the world! After a wait of almost two years, Breathe Carolina will finally be coming back to the cities on July 9th! So whether you listened to them back in the day, follow their new sound now, or want to check out a band of many talents and genres, stop by The Loft on Saturday and give Breathe Carolina a warm Minnesota welcome!

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