Carnage, Jauz, Valentino Khan, Kayzo @ Skyway Theatre 1/30
by Annette Lucero


Destruction. Mayhem. Bad-decisions turned good stories; an appreciation for hard work. Carnage‘s game plan is raw; make sure people are apart of his moment. A moment in which thousands of people are pressed together into an dancing tornado, going to town with countless other loyal “Chipotle Gang” family members. One can bash on Carnage as much as they want; it’s so easy to do when individuals only see volatile industry politics. Yet, it is necessary to remember that amidst this hate stands a figure with deep pride for his accomplishments.

Carnage isn’t ungrateful; he’s been front-row-and-center to poverty and hard work. His humble beginnings in Guatemala led him to the United States, where an exposure to Ocean Lab triggered a passion within Carnage to produce. Genre dabbling and skill honing eventually led Carnage to curate his own style: festival trap. The genre is as mastermind as its creator, for Carnage spared no detail and consideration in beat placements and creation. Carnage tracks fuel late night adventures; they are the epitome of legendary house parties.

What’s more, Carnage’s stage production pulls all the stops. Pyrotechnics, dazzling lights and an intensely measured build up between his set and stage leaves Carnage’s showmanship as the icing on the cake. His go-hard-or-go-home attitude is the most alive when egging fans on to give him all they’ve got in rolling waves. A Chipotle Sea of fans is as beautifully terrifying as it sounds; there’s not telling what will happen.

If one is looking for a glorious night full of energy, trap and every adventure known to man, look no further than January 30th at the Skyway Theater. Accompanied by crowd-slaying Jauz, ingenious creative Valentino Khan, and dizzying Kayzo, Carnage’s tour is set to blow his last 2014 appearance out of the water. Don’t pass on the opportunity to be apart of one of 2016’s most legendary shows; buy your tickets here.