Carnage @ Muse 2/7/2014
by Stephen Mann


2013 for DJ and producer Carnage was one of the biggest years any artist could ask for, and 2014 is looking to be even bigger. His rise to fame took off in mid 2012 with his “Festival Trap Remix” of  Hardwell‘s “Spaceman”, and spawned a whole new genre of “Festival Trap”, a crowd rocking mix of traditional bouncey Trap music combined with the progressive drops of House and Trance. This remix was the start to a whole series of remixes from Carnage that earned him 250,00o Facebook fans, and over 100,000 Twitter followers, and had him playing on the mainstage of the largest music festivals in the world for millions of loyal fans. Besides his remixes, he has multiple Beatport Top Ten original tracks that combined have millions of listens on Soundcloud including, “Incredible” and “That Lean” and “Turn Up” with Borgore, as well as “Bang”, “Kat!e”, and “Mara”.

There’s not much to find on the internet in regards to the DJ’s personal life, but with over 65,000 tweets in the last three years from his account, there’s a lot to be learned from Carnage’s Twitter. According to one such tweet, his entire resume consists of the following: “I create music, I travel the world, I make people happy and I eat Chipotle.” Even if you’ve never heard a single Carnage track, the first thing you will learn about him is that his first, and maybe only love, is Chipotle Mexican Grill. He has a ever growing following of diehard fans who he has aptly named his #ChipotleGang, and in almost every city he goes to (which is almost every day) you’ll find pictures of him holding a familiar silver burrito. He has survived many a online controversy, and is loved by his fans for being true to himself and refusing to be forced into any genre or stereotype when it comes to his productions. Carnage, while remaining as one of the most in-demand musical artists in the world, genuinely cares about his fans and will do just about anything for them, as we saw recently when he played 45 minutes past curfew in Florida and was finally forcibly escorted off stage by police.

In March 2013 he announced via his social media accounts that he was moving on from trap music and in a wildly successful rebranding of his name, he stepped outside of the genre he helped popularize and started producing progressive house and even some trance music. His fans have stuck by him every step of the way, and while he still plays his ever famous “Festival Trap Remixes” at his live events, he has broken himself free from genre restrictions and has reinvented himself as one of the most diverse and successful DJ’s on the planet.

Sound in Motion is very excited to have Carnage play in Minneapolis this February, and we can’t wait to rage with our #ChipotleGang at Muse in just a few weeks! Tickets are going quickly! Get yours here.