Chocolate Puma @ Rev 9/9/16
by Bradley Loiederman


Going all the way back to the early 90’s, house music welcomed Zki & Dobre, who we now know as Chocolate Puma. Coming from Haarlem, Netherlands, this Dutch duo came to have many dance hit singles and also went on to create their own record label called Pssst Music. We may call them first generation house producers.

This duo’s music is drawn together by a common appreciation for the underground house music movement of the early 90s. Their career got off to an amazing start with what became a popular club track called “Give It Up” when they were alternatively known as The Good Men. Still today, it’s a track that artists use to sample and mix, and it became one of the greatest defining records of their music career, hitting #1 on the US Dance Charts in 1993. Making a hit record may have been what they did, but they mention it was never their intentions since “Give it Up” was created on a small mixer and mixed on broken speakers in one of the duo’s bedrooms. Even so, they are very proud of this song more than 20 years later.

The Dutch producers Zki & Dobre, also known René ter Horst and Gaston Steenkist respectively, are responsible for so many productions in all kinds of styles in house/electro and under so many different names that they are a bit difficult to categorize. “A Star Is Born” and “Always & Forever” are examples of some more amazing tracks they produced as Chocolate Puma, and their first single was called “I Wanna Be You” in 2001 and was an immediate success, entering the British Top 10 at number 6. The true nature of their inspiration will always be a secret to them, but Zki & Dobre have the gift of always reinventing themselves.

Chocolate Puma Have created such diverse sounds in the house/electro movement and continue to create and make new sounds inside clubs this day. So this Friday, I would urge you to make it to Chocolate Puma here in Minneapolis Minnesota at Rev Ultra Lounge!

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Written By: Mary Noel