Codename: Point Point at Fine Line 8/6
by Annette Lucero

The composition of four insanely talented and under-rated individuals, Point Point’s sound is as rare as Filet Mignon. Think of a tremor that reminds one of a house-y underground in the tropics, and you may stumble upon an idea of Point Point’s wavelength. The first composition EP, Constrastive Focus Reduplication, tells the story of four friendships merging corners. It’s the byproduct of four, boundary-pushing sound acts and their refusal to sound like anyone else.  Yet, the work of Aazar, LH4L, Devoted to God, and Nömak is far from over; they’re just getting started. Their most recent release, Family Portrait EP, continues to sound unlike anything popular in our current scene, and it’s genuinely refreshing.

One of Paris’ best kept secrets, Point Point is springing up the sound between house elitist and cliché hipster. Their makings bear the United States with a hint of the French underground and only a track list that can be found after days of *heavy* digging online. While it’s incredible to see many big-name artists live in Minneapolis, it’s a truly rare opportunity to see the set of such an organic sound. Point Point’s music is creeping in popularity; without force and in its own time. Make no mistake, this OWSLA signature act is well on its way to becoming the next name in the game.

In the meantime, Point Point’s musical dexterity can be described as “five second unique”. They’re the kind of act that will have listeners going, “I have no idea what genre this is”, while realizing this is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you’ve been musically starved and looking for something new, Point Point is your upcoming breath of fresh air. Like to flirt with Jersey, Future, House and Tycho-like vibes? Come check out Point Point Saturday, August 6th at the Fine Line.