Dada Life @ Skyway Theater 4/21/17
by Bradley Loiederman

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Bananas, confetti, and champagne: three things that heavily associated with a Dada Life live experience. This Swedish electro-house duo are not only known as one of the leaders of electro-house, but they are also known to throw some of the sickest parties! When they were here at Myth Nightclub back in February of 2016, there was champagne getting tossed all over one side of the crowd as the other side was in a gigantic pillow war. And now they are making their way to Skyway Theater on Friday for an interactive experience: The Compound Evolved.

Dada Life formed in 2006 when Phasio (Stefan Engblom) and Dibaba (Olle Cornéer) began collaborative 12” records on various labels. They started gaining notoriety in 2007 when their track “Fun, Fun, Fun” made it onto the Belgian dance charts. They released their first album titled Just Do The Dada in 2009, placing numerous singles onto the Belgian charts. They started gaining major international notoriety in 2012 with their second album release, The Rules of Dada. This album placed the Billboard 200 and the top 20 in the UK dance album charts. Since then, Dada Life have toured all over the world and have played main stage to some of the largest festivals around, such as EDC and Ultra, and have broken not one but two Guinness World Records! Since hitting the scene in 2006, Dada Life have defined what electro-house is and continue to break records in all aspects of their career.

After extreme success with their first interactive tour, The Compound, Dada Life has released a whole new approach to their shows and are now debuting The Compound Evolved. Back in February, Dada Life announced their new tour with the premise that it will be crowd focused, with activities both during their set and throughout the entire show. And from what they’ve announced so far, it’s gonna get pretty freaking crazy: “Banana Basketball, Pillow Fights, Dada Land Tattoos, Hypnosis, Immigration Officers, Massive Lasers, roaming Dada Land Ambassadors, Scavenger Hunts, Champagne Showers & loads more!” There is also a touring photo booth stopping in each city to post pictures of Dada Life fans onto their Facebook! Dada Life have always been innovative on connecting with crowds, but their Compound Evolved tour is about to redefine what a live show is.

Throughout their career, Dada Life have always been trendsetters: they were one of the original artists of the now popular electro-house genre, they started the trend of breaking world records at your events, and they are redefining what it means to interact with your audience. So make sure to pull that banana out for a night that’ll make history with Dada Life at Skyway Theater on Friday!

Tickets are available here.