Dance Floor Tornado: MAKJ
by Annette Lucero

MAKJ Image

Bringing a mixing talent that’s driven by a shot of ADD and musical variety, MAKJ’s about to TAKEOVER REV with some serious speed and agility. This California native’s love for adrenaline translated into an early career as a racecar driver, and finished with him leading the pack at some of the world’s most-sought after DJ slots.

Humble beginnings need to start somewhere; for Mackenzie Johnson, it was in his teens. After winning a BMW junior-racecar formula championship in the United States, MAKJ moved on to Asia.  Mackenzie Johnson made it all the way to racing GP2, two steps below Formula One racing, until he eventually had to quit; he’d grown too tall. Fortunately for Mackenzie, DJing decided to veer its head into his life. A fateful night-out in Macau, China left MAKJ as “that one guy” in the club, staring up at DJ Qbert. Afterwards, Mackenzie took the opportunity to pepper the San Fransico-native with never-ending curiosities. One could say an imprint was left; soon-to-be MAKJ internalized DJing as a potential career.

Looking forward, MAKJ began to pursue music, grabbing gigs as they appeared. However, Mackenzie soon realized a legitimate profession required production talent; ICON Collective proved itself a strong choice. The crossing spot for technicality, musical creativity and mentorship, MAKJ has credited the school for his invaluable exposure to different styles of electronic music. It was where he learned the value of seeing tracks to their finish, as well as where MAKJ learned the limitations of track production.

While it’s been a few years since ICON, it hasn’t been long. MAKJ’s name jump started a climbing spree in 2013, and has soared since. The California native prides himself on his quick work ethic; Mackenzie’s known for the raw energy he brings to every set. MAKJ plays the music that’ll get a dance floor moving, and he’ll pay special attention to what security is doing. If security’s dancing, he knows he’s done a good job.

*Looking for the spot that makes the video? 54:34 gives you an idea of what to expect at REV April 25th…

If the musical carnage that was ULTRA isn’t enough to tempt a dancer, we’re not sure what is. Booty, house, hip-hop and everything-in-between made it into this talent’s set; old school re-taught current hits what it meant to shift a crowd, and young-blood tracks showed their seniors a thing or two about the power of new-found energy.

Minneapolis has seen the name, and now it’s finally time to unleash the dance floor tornado that is MAKJ. There’s no guarantee that REV will be left standing after this storm; tickets still available here for some good time carnage.

Written by: Annette Lucero