Summer Set 2017: DESTRUCTO
by Annette Lucero

Characterized by his industry style, tight-rope walking abilities, Destructo is renown for being both a producer and promoter. The father of HARD Events and HolyShip!, Destructo spends his days either expanding his business, working on a track or locking-in a remix. The self-acclaimed work-alcoholic does not shy away from presented challenges, whether it be for HARD Events or a musically challenging set. One such example lays in Destructo‘s ability to create an unusual middle ground between stark genres, such as techno, rap and bass.The move is usually impossible to transition between, yet somehow still possible for Destructo himself. The curious reasoning for such a move lays in Destructo‘s boredom with current EDM, and an awareness for an industry outside of electronic music. There lays power in exposing up and coming artists, and Destructo sets out to do that by having multi-genre, up-and-comers featured on his tracks. What’s more, when you have the creator of HARD Summer pulling together a truly unique set, you’re bound to wonder how it successfully works out. Make sure to catch Destructo at Summer Set Music and Camping Festival this August.