Die Antwoord @ Myth 09/14
by Stephen Mann

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa – this duo is unlike most performers you’ll chance upon in Minneapolis. Pale in their complexion, yet dark in their beats, Die Antwoord has created a name around themselves via the ‘shock factor’. Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, the front leads of Die Antwoord, abuse the tool of rap and present it in an unheard of raw fashion. The usual, expected rhythm of rap is completely re-imagined by higher-pitched voices and harder lyrics. Yet, the words themselves are not the actual weapons. Their strength lies in their spoken tone. Zef, a style favored by Die Antwoord, holds a mix of shock, merciless pitch and addicting beats when incorporated in their music. The style tells the tale of South African class and race, yet at the same time highlights a subculture barely understood in the United States. While Zef used to be shunned abroad, Die Antwoord used it to isolate and define a whole new genre of up and coming music. As many SIMshow fans ponder the shows to attend this fall, one thing is for certain: Die Antwoord is a MUST see. Their performance has and will continue to redefine the live concert experience.

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Written by: Annette Lucero

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