INTERVIEW: Dirty Talk – A Final Farewell?
by Stephen Mann

Dirty Talk, the female power house DJ duo, has left their unique mark in the Minneapolis electronic scene. Coming from two opposite worlds in the Minneapolis music scene, Jordan Osten and Monica Farr were people brought together by the internet. Jordan started her dejaying roots in the underground scene, while Monica started hers by doing small club gigs.

Dirty Talk Promo Shot

FARR: “As soon as we heard their was another female dj in Minneapolis we met up, started hanging out, and funny thing is – we started dating. Right then and there we got really into the EDM scene. We got hooked up by Jack Trash and Sound in Motion.”

Being a DJ in Minneapolis is a dog eat dog world. That was no different for Monica and Jordan. Even though they were dating, it was still a competition.

FARR: “We were so competitive against each other, it was like we were ripping at each others necks. It was always a fight to see who got to play what or who got to open for who. Finally, after Jordan won a contest to open for Benny Benassi, we decided to play together. We needed to make things easier for ourselves and stop being so competitive against each other.”

And thats exactly what Monica and Jordan did, they became a duo. They found their name in an odd but funny way, like most duos.

FARR: Jordan was actually giving my dog a bath when she noticed that “Dirty Talk” was on the bottle of the shampoo. She thought it would be funny if we called each other Dirty Talk, I thought it was actually pretty cool. Our name literally comes from a Pet Head shampoo bottle for dogs.”

Dirty Talk caught the eye of Play Me Records when they entered a Beatport remix contest with another Minneapolis local Nostalgia for Vaski’s “Jelly”.

FARR: I was going to McNally Smith in St. Paul at the time, when I heard about Andrew who went by Nostalgia. We became friends and decided to join forces on the remix contest. We ended up winning the whole thing.”
“We ended getting real close to Reid Speed, just pitching future ideas for tunes to her. She loved them. She loved the idea of us, how we were female. She was really supportive of us.”

Dirty Talk ended up releasing a full EP on PLAY ME’s sister label PLAY ME TOO. This EP lead to many collaborations with the likes of: Messinian, Dirty Loud, Captian Panic, as well as many others.

OSTEN: “Done Didded has to be my favorite collaboration we did with Messinian. He is a super down to Earth and super chill. Definitely one of the realest artists out there in the game.”
FARR: “ I think my favorite collab would be our song with the Dirty Loud boys. It was super tough because we did it all through skype and they didnt know much english at the time. and the track still came out as an awesome drumstep DnB track.”

Dirty Talk took a two year hiatus after the duo wasnt seeing eye to eye, only playing a few sets here and there. Jordan and Monica weren’t in it together and decided to concentrate on their solo aliases.
FARR: “With this party Friday, it makes the point to our fans that this IS the last Dirty Talk appearance together. We want to make this a special moment with all of our fans and family.”

Even Though Friday marks the end of Dirty Talk, Jordan’s and Monica’s solo careers are just getting started. Catch Jordan’s alias as “Lucy Luxe” with an upcoming EP on Ultragore Records as well as her future remixes and bootlegs she hopes to release in the near future. As for Monica, her alias “Nova” is waiting to release her songs at the right time. She is also working on another solo project apart from “Nova”. She will be moving to L.A. to further her solo career at the end of the month.

Catch the Monica and Jordan in their last appearance as Dirty Talk this Friday as direct support for JRABBIT at The Venue. Click here for tickets.