Disclosure – Latch
by jacktrash

The SIMshows #9 track of the year is a little more groovy and chill than the rest of the tunes on this list and is from one of the United Kingdom’s hottest duo’s in dance music. Of course I am talking about brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, or better known to the masses as Disclosure. The track is none other than their original masterpiece “Latch.” This was their hit single off their debut album “Settle” from earlier in 2013. “Latch” is one beautiful track, with some really cool sounds that couple very nicely with the amazing vocals from Sam Smith, there’s no surprise that “Latch” comes in as our #9 track of 2013.

As stated above, The Lawrence brothers put out their debut album “Settle” early this year and the response has been nothing short of huge! The album’s singles “Latch”, “White Noise” and “When a Fire Starts to Burn” each have over 2.5 million plays on the Disclosure soundcloud and the album is even up for Best Dance Album for the 2014 Grammy Awards. If you have a chance to see Disclosure any time soon be sure to cash in on the opportunity. I am told that their live shows are second to none and you will be sure to leave with a smile on your face.