DISCLOSURE: Roy Wilkins Auditorium 10/13/15
by Annette Lucero

Written By: Bradley Loiderman and Annette Lucero

Disclosure, hailing from the UK, Claude VonStroke, based out San Francisco, and Pomo, hailing from Canada, are all various house and deep house producers growing rapidly throughout the scene. Although they all come from different parts of the world and different walks of life, they will all be taking the stage at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in Saint Paul on October 13th!

In 2010, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence uploaded a few tracks to Myspace, and quickly after that, Disclosure was born. Later in 2010, they signed to the Moshi Moshi label and started releasing some noisy dubstep tracks and remixes. After a couple years of refurbishing and molding their sound, they broke through the scene in 2012 with their releases of “Latch” and “White Noise”, still recognized as two of their most notable tracks. In fact, “Latch” made it to the seventh spot on the Billboard Hot 100! Disclosure continued to release their first album, Settle, in June of 2013; the album was met with extreme success and praise, debuting at number one on the UK charts and getting a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Album.

In September of 2015, they released their second full-length album, Caracal, showing that their momentum is only speeding up even faster! It’s not hard to see why Disclosure has reached unbelievable success in just five years though: their use of smooth electronic sounds, fast tempos in different time signatures, and unique ways of using harmonizing with the added vocals create the perfect deep house to keep you grooving for weeks on end! Disclosure has come a long way from their rocky dubstep tracks on Myspace, making their way to Grammy nominations and chart-topping tracks. Their new album is still making its way straight to the top, making it a very exciting time to see them live on October 13th!

Audience members better get there early- soulful Pomo and darkly humming Claud VonStroke are set to deepen the night. Originally hiding out behind his beats, Pomo made his way to the light with an addicting ambiance. Laid back character mingled with versatile Ableton production; instrumentation holds a warmly worn feel. Pomo tracks signal either a swaying dance floor, or a relaxing lounge night. As for the cool cat that is Claude VonStroke, patrons better ready themselves for a jump into the deep-end; VonStroke doesn’t mess around. Bouncing progressive veins  meet hypnotizing techno in Claud VonStroke sets, and that’s just being melodically merciful. Tracks walk the fine line of waking patrons with a lowkey haze, or announcing their presence with unheard of creativity.

With some of the best North American house producers on the scene and a Grammy-nominated producing duo all under the same roof, Roy Wilkins will just be flooded with talent! So brace yourself to go one deeper and welcome Pomo, Claude VonStroke, and Disclosure on October 13th!

Tickets are still available at simshows.com.