Dyro @ The Venue 11/04
by Jennifer K Johnson


There’s been a name circulating around the music scene – a name that has grown at breakneck speed over the past few years. Meet Dyro, a young producer who has shown he has a true gift in every beat he makes. He began making tracks in 2011, and it didn’t take long for major headliner Hardwell to pick him up and sign him to his label, Revealed Recordings.

Like a hurricane, Dyro has been making massive waves and sweeping us all up in his whirlwind of rhythm. With each release, his name grew. After he joined Revealed Recordings, he soon found other major artists supporting him. Artists like Tiesto, Afrojack, Dada Life… just to name a few.

Check out this track he and Hardwell made together:

Since his Revealed Recordings debut, Dyro has earned quite a few titles. He was listed as #4 in the 2012 DMC Miami Buzz Chart. This chart is known for sniffing out new, hot talent. Dyro beat out over 700 other entries and landed himself in the top 5. Not long after this accomplishment, pop icon Katy Perry reached out to him with a request to remix her hit single ‘Wide Awake’.

Seriously, this remix is so good. I loved the original, but this remix is way better. See for yourself:

Dyro has proved himself to be a serious player in the music industry. He stunned the world when he debuted at #30 on the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100, the highest new entry to date- not to mention the youngest to debut so high. He inched his way up the poll this year, climbing to spot #27.

He’s only 22, and he has made some serious moves in the music industry. Over the summer, Dyro launched his own record label, WOLV Records. As fast as he’s moving, we can only sit back and watch as the young superstar continues to shoot past the competition, leaving us all breathless in his wake.

Take a listen to his latest (and quite possibly his sexiest) release, ‘WOLV’:

You’re not going to want to miss this show! Dyro is coming to Minneapolis on November 4th. Get your tickets now!

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