Dzeko & Torres @ The Skyway Theater 11/21
by Stephen Mann

Openers? More Like the Real Deal

Toronto natives Dzeko & Torres know a thing or two about the club scene and its evolution. The duo’s love for electronic music stretches as far back as middle school. At the time, Eurodance was heavily popular in Toronto where it spread like wildfire amongst music lovers. Of the two, Julian Dzeko started producing first; the heavy popularity of Eurodance and a radio addiction swept him into electronic music at the age of eleven. Although he played around with a music mixing program, Julian Dzeko only began to take his passion for music seriously after his first Tiësto concert. He’d put together some CDs, and try to promote his work after shows. As for Luis Torres, the Toronto native took eleven years of piano lessons before really drifting into electronic music. At the time, the rigor of his lessons began to wear on Torres, and he began to look towards other interests. In 8th grade, a classmate introduced him to House and Trance; from there, Luis Torres tiptoed back into music once more.
In time, the two would find themselves via an online chat forum. As the pair began to swap music and share ideas, a friendship began to form that would take them to the present day. These two have an unmatched energy between one other. Ideas are thrown off continuously, and food holds the middle-ground location for any mood. Whatsmore, Dzeko & Torres are legendary for their creations. Whether it’s been remixing “Of Monsters and Men”, or creating a annual, “End of Year ” mash-up, jaws drop as fans hear what these two can come up with.

Yet, that doesn’t go without saying that these boys can produce. Just take a listen to one of their previous releases, “Galaxy”. Both their production talent and musical knowledge shines through in the collaborative track featuring Alessia Rio.

As the years pass, this notorious duo continues to catch more and more fire via online music blogs, show debuts and festival showcases. Add in the fact that these boys are on their first ever tour, and the future’s looking quiet bright for these Toronto stars. Don’t miss Dzeko & Torres this Friday night; this show’s opener game and talent intensity WILL be out the roof. Get your tickets here!
Written by Annette Lucero