EDC Las Vegas 2016 Highlights!
by Bradley Loiederman


This past weekend, around 400,000 pumped fans made their way to Las Vegas to celebrate the 20th annual Electric Daisy Carnival! EDC is one of the biggest electronic festivals in the world, bringing over 133,000 attendees from around the world each day. To many ravers, EDC is seen as as one of the meccas for EDM, and the lineup this year was definitely not something to mess around with: A-trak, Above & Beyond, Alison Wonderland, Armin Van Buuren, Andy C. And that’s just the artists that start with A! Being the 20th anniversary for this legendary festival, it’s fitting that there were so many historical events that occurred this weekend! Let’s highlight on a few and congratulate EDC for another amazing year of mind-blowingness!

Insomniac Reports No Deaths and Minor Medical Calls at EDC Las Vegas


Throughout the past few years, many EDM festivals have been faced with the problem of casualties and fatalities at events, especially summer festivals. This problem has turned cities like Buenos Aires, Argentina and San Bernadino, California to consider a ban of EDM events. However, EDC reported zero fatalities for the entire weekend, the first time the festival has seen zero fatalities since 2013. This is very uplifting news, especially considering the sweltering heat Las Vegas saw last weekend. The scene has tried to show outsiders for years that you can easily rave responsibly, and this news from EDC proves that you can!

First Solo Female Artists Perform at Main Stage


2016 was the first year the main stage saw solo female performers, helping to fill in the void of female artists in EDM! The gender gap in EDC started to close in 2014, when Krewella took the main stage and became the first female group to play the main stage. However, EDC had yet to see solo female artists perform at Kinetic Field until this weekend. Both Anna Lunoe and Alison Wonderland took the main stage this weekend to show festie-goers that women are just as essential to the electronic scene as men are! Although there is still a long road to travel to force the misogyny and gender gap out of our scene, this is a big step in the right direction!

Insomniac Releases Surprise Lineup for September Festival


As hundreds of thousands of festie-goers were traveling home, still enlightened from the weekend but upset to see it end, Insomniac decided to surprise its fans with the lineup release of Nocturnal Wonderland! Fliers of the lineup started circulating throughout the EDC crowd on the last night and were posted online the following morning, making sure no fan was too upset about the end of this year’s EDC. The lineup is absolutely spectacular, including artists such as Above & Beyond, Alison Wonderland, Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, DJ Snake, Gramatik, Knife Party, Laidback Luke, and many more! The festival will be held in San Bernadino, California on Labor Day weekend, being a perfect conclusion to 2016’s festie season!

EDC Stage Caught On Fire During Andy C’s Set


Andy C’s set during EDC this weekend got literally lit, with a stage prop catching on fire! Around 3am at EDC’s Basspod stage, a stage prop managed to catch on fire, being caused by a malfunctioning pyrotechnic device. Stage workers tried to put the flames out but had to call on-site firefighters to calm the blaze. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, and only one person was treated for mild burns. But what is the craziest part about all this? The stage was literally on fire, yet Andy C continued to play without hesitation until Insomniac shut down the stage! Artists have shown multiple times that they’ll go lengths to show appreciation for their fans and their craft, but it’s rare to hear an artist playing while the venue is on fire!