Emerging Translation: 3lau
by Annette Lucero


The house party of the year is about to make its appearance this Friday night. Except this time, the party’s ready with top-notch speakers, a decked out club and led by a producer notorious for his slick mashups. 3lau’s appearances are characterized by a dizzyingly tempting night; shadows dance across patrons and lights rim with just the right amount of suave.

What’s more, Justin Blau’s sets are unusually infectious. They’re characterized by the feel of a slow gaze and by the welcomingly mindless, willingness to dance. 3lau’s tracks are often intertwined with haunting vocals; his ear for acoustics walks hand-in-hand with unusual mashup creativity. Original tracks find themselves amplified; the fine line of recreation is not just tip-toed, but led by 3lau.

The workday doesn’t stop for 3lau. When he isn’t producing, dabbling in mashups or preparing one of his “3lau Haus” podcasts, he’s out playing shows and expanding upon his style. His recent releases tease a refreshed adaptation; lingering vocals floating across progressive trance, with just the slightest hints of electro.


Justin Blau isn’t about releasing quantity; quality finds itself victorious at the end of the day. He’s only recently begun to share once more who 3lau is and his emerging translation has people turning heads. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness a realizing game changer; buy your tickets here.
Written by Annette Lucero