Ferry Corsten @ Rev 5/13/16
by Bradley Loiederman


It’s very rare that you’re able to see a legendary producer in such an intimate setting, which is why Ferry Corsten at Rev is such a big deal! Hailing from the Netherlands, Ferry Corsten has been hitting the world with some of the biggest tracks in trance for over 20 years. After playing gigantic festivals and larger-than-life venues (such as Madison Square Garden), Ferry Corsten has decided to keep it small and perform a set at Rev Ultra Lounge on May 13th!

Ever since he was a kid, Ferry Corsten has always been creating music. He released his first record when he was 16 and officially started working as a musician when he was 17. In 1995, he received his first award for producing, titled “De Grote Prijs van Nederland”. And in 1996, he released “Don’t Be Afraid” under an alias Moonman, his first track to ever make it on the charts. His success skyrocketed in 1998 when he released two singles, “Out of the Blue” and Cry”, which both made it to the top 20 chart in the UK. This led him to gaining the producer of the year award at the Ericsson Muzik Awards in 1999 and the Silver Harp Award in the Netherlands in 2000. In 2003, he released his first album, Right of Way, spawning three singles to take over the UK charts. In 2005, he started his own label, Flashover Recordings, and released his second album, L.E.F, which was the best-selling dance album on iTunes in 2006. Since then, he has released three other albums and received numerous awards and nominations for being the best trance DJ and best European DJ. He has also played some of the biggest festivals in the world, such as Tomorowland, Creamfields, and EDC, as well as some of the most prestigious venues in the world, such as Ministry of Sound, Avalon, Heineken Music Hall, and Madison Square Garden. Back in 2015, he released a two-part EP, Hello World, and has since been bringing his FULL ON live show concept to venues across the world. Ferry Corsten is a legend in electronic music and continues to blow the lid off trance music, making him an artist not to miss!

Although Ferry Corsten is one of the legends of trance, he still makes sure to give back to trance artists that are just starting up! That’s why he created Corsten’s Countdown, a weekly podcast that counts down the hottest trance tracks from both legends and up-and-comers, in 2007. On the Corsten’s Countdown website, you can listen to any episode aired since 2011 (over 200 hours of content!) as well as submit any song request that you have. It also lists every track featured in every broadcast so you can listen to it again or follow a talented artist. Moreover, the fans are the ones that decide where the tracks are on the countdown, and you can vote for your favorite track or tracks that will be featured in next week. Although Ferry Corsten is one of the biggest names in trance, he continues to give back to smaller artists and the trance community as a whole with these broadcasts!

Ferry Corsten, a trance legend hailing from the Netherlands, has been showing the world the beauties of progressive and trance music since the 1990s. With his large part in electronic music as a whole, and his insane roster of places he’s performed, you would think that he’d be playing at a stadium. However, his desire to give back to his fans and the electronic community as a whole, he will be playing an intimate set at Rev! So let’s get our good vibes and Minnesota love ready for Ferry Corsten at Rev Ultra Lounge on May 13th!

Tickets are available here.