Figure @ The Loft 11/21/15
by Bradley Loiederman

Josh Gard, who goes by the stage name Figure, is a producer from Indiana who has been slaying the scene with his spooky mixes and his heavy drumstep releases. After turning Skyway Theater into a haunted house for the extreme last October, he will once again be tearing up Minneapolis at The Loft on November 21st!

Josh Gard started his project Figure in 2009, creating mostly electro house. After messing around with his electro house sound, creating heavier and heavier tracks, he moved into producing drumstep tracks in 2011 with his release of the first “Monsters of Drumstep” EP. This EP became an instant success, becoming the soundtrack of Halloween that year. The extreme success of the first “Monsters of Drumstep” EP pushed Figure to create his own label, DOOM Music, which houses the annual “Monsters of Drumstep” releases. In fact, his spooktacular sound even shined through to Universal Studios, who used Figure’s monster tracks as the official soundtrack for their haunted theme park in 2013. Since then, Figure has made a huge impact on the scene, playing festivals all over the world such as EDC, Snowglobe, TomorrowWorld, and Global Dance! He also released his first full length album, “Gravity”, earlier in the year for free download, showing the world that there’s no stopping this monster from running the show!

It doesn’t take many listens to realize that Figure is one of the most creative and talented producers on the scene nowadays. His spooky, unknowing, and extremely grimy sound sticks through every single track, whether it be a Monsters track or not. He has found a way to portray a very intense, almost terrified emotion through his tracks while still keeping them dancey and full of energy. Take his track “Eagle” for example: the song starts off pretty inconspicuous and develops a loud snare on the second and forth beat, creating anxiety in the listener. The track then builds faster and faster, and right before the drop, you hear the lyrics, “This time, you will die.” The track then quickly turns into this high energy eagle strike, with loud shrieks and rigid swivels. It keeps the energy going in every listener while still creating this anxiety and rawness that fuels a dance floor, eventually resolving itself at the end with the loss of one variable of the track at a time and moving into a fadeout. Figure has the ability to create an extreme intensity in every track, making them perfect to keep you moving till the sun comes up!

You may be wondering why Figure has done most of his own releases rather than signing to a big label, and that’s because many of the tracks he’s released is available for free on his Soundcloud! Figure has released most of his tracks on his own label, DOOM Music, so that he can continue to provide free music to his fans. Many of the tracks on his “Monsters of Drumstep” mixes are available for free download, and his full length album, “Gravity”, is also available for free download! Make sure to check out his soundcloud here and download some of his tracks before the show!

Although Figure has only been around for a few short years, his mark on the scene is gigantic! He’s one of the only producers around that has been able to keep a spookiness and intensity throughout all of his tracks, and he makes sure to give back to his fans through free downloads! So let’s bring back those Halloween vibes and welcome Figure back to Minnesota at The Loft on November 21st!

Tickets are available here.