CONTEST: Play on the Mainstage at The Floozies 5/2/2014 in Minneapolis
by Stephen Mann


Hi Fiesta Friends! So we were wondering the other day why all the dj contests were all vote based? We think those contests are great, but we think we can afford to do something different this time. This time, we want to bring some attention to the talented djs who might go unnoticed in our other dj contests and battles. Oh did we also mention? The winner of the contest will open for the Floozies!

So here’s what we’re going to do. Every dj will post a mix onto their soundcloud of whatever length they want to make it. The catch is, each DJ will also provide a written rationale of why they decided to make their mix the way it is. The only rationale you are required to provide is your track listing, but we encourage other rationales as well. From song selection, transition explanations, theories on why you chose to EQ something a certain way, different effects you use, why your length is the way it is, what the overall concept/idea your mix is supposed to convey, how many decks/samples you’re running, and any other technicalities and details you want to provide for us. This is not a contest on how technically complicated you can make a mix though. If you think there is beauty and simplicity in parts of your mix, explain that to us if you want to. If you want to record a video for your mix to show us what you can to do, that’s totally acceptable too! Remember, the idea is for you to convince us in whatever way possible that your mix is the best mix out of all the other mixes. These mixes/videos/rationales will be available later once the mix is over for you all to view/listen to as well.

What we are trying to do, is provide as good of a platform for talented djs as possible. We think there’s a lot of beauty in the technicals, and the different skills acquired by everyone in Minneapolis. We’d love to see as much of it as possible not only in order for ourselves and others to learn, but for those who aren’t as popular to get the attention they deserve

Contest begins immediately, and will end on April 30, with the Winner announced May 1st. Please submit all entries to, SUBJECT LINE MUST BE SIM FLOOZIES DJ CONTEST with a link to your soundcloud mix, and any video/word attachments you want to send to us. Thank you! Looking forward to the entries!