Genre Melting Pot: Wick-it The Instigator
by Annette Lucero

Photo: Collin Taylor of Live Edits Lab #LEL

Photo: Collin Taylor of Live Edits Lab #LEL #SSMF 2013

Funky festival dubstep is en route to The LOFT this weekend. Festival crews better re-assemble; Wick-it The Instigator’s vibes make one wish totems were allowed indoors. Walking into a Wick-it show is like taking a step back into Summer Set Music and Camping Festival; mellow vibes, humming bodies and ambient times are always guaranteed. What’s more, the fan love is real; Wick-it is as humbled as he is excited to produce and play his craft.

Wick-it’s style is liquid; genres are lost to the idea of self-definition. If a song feels right and if a beat feels unique, Andrew Owsley will transform it with delicately funky take. Yet, one’s guess would never lay with Wick-it being a southern gentleman. The Nashville native grew up in a musically diverse home; his parents adored The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. A side passion for collecting musical instruments landed Andrew Owsley with turntables in his lap, and eventually, a house party’s exposure to electronic music. Rusko’s “Pro Nails” dawned Andrew Owsley with a respect for electronic music previously ignored, and an eventual drawing into production.

It’s been a long time since Wick-it’s taste-defining days, yet the horizon has only broadened for Andrew Owsley. Coarse beat structures are redefined with funky dubstep and melodically jazzy twists. Notes create communal appreciation for a genre melting pot rarely found. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see Wick-it live; buy your ticket here.

Written by Annette Lucero