The Glitch Mob @ Myth 10/16
by Stephen Mann


Stemming from the California “beat” scene, the Glitch Mob came to light in 2006. Their style, often characterized by the mixed tones of synthpop, electro, industrial and glitch, has found loyal fans across the spectrum. The music itself is often times described as an “adventure” or “journey”, and is as infectious as it is unique. There is no specific genre that The Glitch Mob’s music falls into; it holds its own style and crowd appeal. There is no specific interpretation that the band seeks to put forth; rather, they allow fans to interpret it for themselves.


The Glitch Mob’s music is about the connection they hold with their fan base, and “the Mob” is often times accredited for being the driving force behind the group’s continuous evolution. Fans hold as much weight as the music; their loyalty serves as the group’s pulse. Without it, the Glitch Mob wouldn’t have picked up as much traction as it did while they were off the radar. Evidence of this lays in the group’s second album debut, Love Death Immortality. It placed number one on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs Chart, and has been only deepening its impact since.

While most artists played the label game to gain promotional traction, the Glitch Mob established Glass Air Records to stay independent. edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer) wanted to have full control over the musical production, release dates, merchandise and fan interaction. Meet-and-greets aren’t taken for granted; they’re the Glitch Mob’s constant reminder of why they produce. If one goes on the Glitch Mob’s Facebook page, or adds themselves into their Snapchat story, fan interactions are as evident as possible. That’s right, the group takes the time to respond to their fans via social media- try it out, you may get a response.

What’s more, The Glitch Mob won’t waste its audience’s time with their show. Their stage performance, or “The Blade”, encompasses a custom designed software-meaning there’s nothing else like it. It’s the result of the group’s dedication to duplicating the sound of their record as truly as possible, yet without the electronic instruments necessary to do so. In place of the instruments lays the drama and act of a live performance. The tour is fan based, and fan driven; missing this show will be the equivalent of musical murder.


2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 1

Written by Annette Lucero