Grandtheft @ The Loft 12/10/16
by Annette Lucero

After one of the longest and coldest weeks we’ve had all year, we get to warm up this weekend with the fire trappy drops and chaotic energy of Grandtheft. With a sick local lineup added to the mix, The Loft on Saturday is definitely gonna be the place to be!

Ready to go and excite the crowd, Grandtheft’s sets are by no means undeserving of their hype. The Mad Decent artist is as ambitious as his music engaging; Saturday night is about to be a whole new “lit”. Grandtheft’s ability to leave patrons dazed comes from his payed dues in the scene. The Toronto native has been in the game for quite some time; his transition into Grandtheft came from time spent within bands, production and DJing. What’s more, Grandtheft’s ridiculous talent for mixing and his ear for head-turning beats comes from a ruthlessly humble mentality. He doesn’t believe that the scene owes him anything; if his fans decide to stop listening to him tomorrow, that’s on him and the progression of music. As a result, Grandtheft makes it a mission to grind away at his work. When fans come to see him play, they know they’ll encounter a set striving to sound different from the rest.

Warming up The Loft before Grandtheft sets it ablaze are some talented teams of Minnesota locals! Starting off the night will be the bass cannon himself Aznpersuasion doing a back-to-back set with Token. These two can break glass with their heavy drops and insane kick patterns, so even if you show up slumped from the weather, you are guaranteed to get that jolt you need. After these two go head to head, JT&T will come to the mainstage and bring you some deep beats and jazzy sax, perfect to shimmy along to and continue to creep the hype up for Grandtheft!

Grandtheft is an artist that continues to leave jaws dropped with every new track and new set he creates. No matter how many sets you’ve seen of his, the next will be even better than the last. And with a local lineup that’s sure to make you lose your cool, this isn’t a night you wanna sleep on. So make sure to come out to The Loft this Saturday for your dose of Grandtheft!

Tickets are available here.

Written by Bradley Loiderman and Annette Lucero