The 3 Stages of GRYFFIN!
by Bradley Loiederman

Hailing from New York City, GRYFFIN shines a softer, more melodic and intimate sound to this city’s robust EDM scene. Only being on the scene since 2014, GRYFFIN has already been signed by Interscope and been played over all different radio stations. His style is sundry and continues to morph as his career moves forward. With his set happening tonight at Fine Line Music Cafe, it’s important to get a taste of all he has to offer.


GRYFFIN‘s beginning sound was his take on house music, adding a dreamy muted sound to his tracks and a melodic addition to his instrumentals. After releasing two remixes and a season mix on Soundcloud, he even started naming his genre “cloud house”. His first big break was when he collabed with Hotel Garuda and released a remix of BANKS‘ “Beggin For Thread”, gaining almost 14 million plays on Soundcloud.


This “cloud house” sound started to morph in 2015 with GRYFFIN releasing his remix of Years and Years‘ “King”. This remix started shifting out of the deep house format and into more of a tropical house format. This reappeared in 2016 with his first original release titled “Heading Home”. While these tracks still have heavy deep house undertones, the focus heavily shifts to the tracks in the higher keys. This new sound was the start to GRYFFIN‘s melodic house self-labeling.


GRYFFIN‘s sound shifted yet again after he collabed with Manilla Killa and remixed Jack Garratt‘s “Surprise Yourself”. This was the first time GRYFFIN worked within a more structured drop sequence, blending together the melodic house that he established with future bass. He has since released numerous other tracks with a heavier bass influence, such as “Feel Good”, “Whole Heart”, and his remix of Sigrid’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe”. However, GRYFFIN doesn’t just ignore the other sounds he has created: “Love In Ruins”, released two months ago, sounds straight out of 2014, whereas he remix of Kygo and Ellie Goulding‘s “First Time” sounds like a 2015 jam while only being three months old.

GRYFFIN, the essential melodic house producer from NYC, has a medley of sounds in his pocket and is sure to throw curveballs at every show he plays. Make sure to check him out tonight at Fine Line Music Cafe.