A Hardwell Fan’s Journey To Europe and Self-Discovery!
by Bradley Loiederman

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As we know, Hardwell will be playing this Friday here in St Paul. He specializes in electro house, tech house, big room, and progressive house. He has been voted the world’s No. 1 DJ on DJ Mag in 2013 and 2014, but instead of focusing on Hardwell, let’s introduce a die hard fan of Hardwell. Meet Desiree Komsta from Richmond, Virginia.

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She is here to share how Hardwell has changed her life and to share some of her Euro trip to visit his hometown. Here are her words on how she became a major Hardwell follower:

“In 2009, I saw Tiesto at FUR in DC, and he played these tracks by this upcoming DJ who he referred to as his protégé. He called him Robbert Hardwell. I ended up falling in love with the mini guest mix more than Tiesto’s show itself. From there, I followed his music.
I went through a really rough time for the next year or so, but every time I put on Hardwell’s music, I seemed to feel so much better. It made me so happy. It gave me the motivation to just get up and do something with my life. No relevant relation; it just made me feel so good.

The first time I saw him, I was set to try and party hard with my friends, I was not successful. I couldn’t find my friends, and I was really upset and lost. I found I was there for all the wrong reasons, but the moment he came on stage ALL of the negative thoughts changed. I did not care less that I was there in the crowed by myself and lost; it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! It was the moment I truly felt music for the first time and forgot reality existed. Since then, I have seen him 20+ times.


I met him in 2014 and was so nervous that I ended up losing my dinner; I ran into his arms balling (slightly embarrassed but so happy). Through the hardships of my life, Hardwell’s music has always given me goosebumps of positivity. When I see him, I cry. Not because I’m obsessed or sad, but because knowing something so simple as sound can turn my entire life around in an instant. To know someone has the talent and ability to do that to my inner most feelings and soul is incredibly amazing. Next month, I am traveling to Europe to Hardwell’s hometown in the Netherlands. I am going to the club where he first played and his residential festival Creamfeilds in the UK just so I can truly give appreciation to what has ultimately been the huge positive impact that saved my life and one of the sole reasons for my passion with EDM. Seven years and this man I don’t even know personally continues to change my life everyday with just a touch of what he does. THAT right there is beautiful power.

To anyone who has found a passion like I have, don’t let anyone ridicule you or hate on your emotions for something that drives you so much as Hardwell does for me. Music is the universal language that binds us together, and if that feeling surpasses anything you’ve ever experienced in your life, then you feel that with NO regrets and NO embarrassment.”


Desiree started her Hardwell Euro trip in Breda, Netherlands, where Robbert van de Corput, (AKA Hardwell) grew up. Here is a snipped of what she had to say about her Euro trip:
“We took the train to Breda and got a cab to our rental apartment. Our driver asked why we were visiting, and I told him I’m a huge Hardwell fan and wanted to tour his hometown. And of course, he knew exactly who he is!”
After eating, we walked down to Havermarkt, the downtown heart of Breda. It’s such a cool little place, and I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. About the time we arrived, most of the shops were closing up, and the bars were starting to open. Fun fact: here they aren’t called bars; they’re all called cafes, and the first one we went to was Janssen.”

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For those of you who don’t know The Janssen, it’s the place that Hardwell first played as a DJ, and it’s grown to be his resident hometown spot. It’s a tiny college type bar with an even smaller area for a DJ to stand. I seriously don’t even know how he physically plays there. There were TV screens playing highlights of times he’s spun there, Hardwell memorabilia behind the bar on the walls, and all the staff shirts had his Revealed Records logo on the shoulder. You can imagine how giddy I was. We sat and had some drinks and talked to one of the security guys there. We exchanged Hardwell stories, and he told me about nights when he plays there and fun stories about all his encounters with him. Definitely ones of the biggest highlights of my whole trip so far. Every bar I go into is playing house music, and everywhere I walk I hear the sound of EDM out the doors. I never want to leave!”

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And the highlight of the trip: her signed flag! Desiree was lucky enough that Hardwell’s manager recognized her flag yet again and had him sign it during his set at Creamfields festival.

If you want to experience Hardwell yourself, don’t miss out this Friday Sept. 2nd at Myth in St. Paul! Tickets are still available here!

Written By: Mary Noel