Local Showcase: Hobday
by Bradley Loiederman

We at SIM love and appreciate all of our locals and are incredibly excited about the local scene in the cities, and this week, we’re focusing on young up-and-comer Hobday! Hobday’s been on the hustle for over three years, and he’s finally started to release his music. He recently released his first single, “Freaks On The Floor”. Once you hear it, you’ll know it’s the banger of 2017 so far:

The track sounds like Flume and Loudpvck had a baby, with heavy hits and bass slamming you with a glimpse into Hobday’s mind. The high-quality of the sound and cleanness of the vocals are very impressive to hear for an artist’s first solo release; Hobday’s cousin, Tommy Egan, brings the freaks to the floor. “Freaks On The Floor” is an energetic track, and is sure to bring some bounce to the cities this season!

If his debut track says anything, it’s that Hobday is a Twin Cities local you’re gonna wanna keep your eyes on. Though this is a trappy song, Hobday’s motto is “f*** genres”; he’s got much more on the way. Make sure to check out  single and support the up-and-comer in the local scene!