PREVIEW: Knife Party 7/22 @ Skyway Theater
by Annette Lucero

London based duo Knife Party is bringing madness to Skyway Theater Friday night. Their energy can only be characterized by riot-like mosh pits; their tracks are as rowdy as they are engaging. It’s without a doubt that hits like “PLUR Police”, “Parliament Funk” and “Internet Friends” are notoriously loved among die hard fans .. In between releasing hits with mass popularity, Knife Party gossip likes to emerge from time to time. Currently, the hunt for Knife Party and Hardwell collab “Baghdad” has left fans fruitless. One can only hope Minneapolis gets a taste of the ghost track this Friday night, as SIMshows just recently announced Hardwell’s September 2nd stop here in the Twin Cities.

It goes without saying that the original members of Pendulum never foresaw Knife Party exploding in popularity as it has. Pendulum members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen created Knife Party for the fun of ingenuity. The joke at the time was to create “evil” sounding EDM. Yet, the joke bounced back in epic proportions, as released tracks dominated playlists, set lists and every DJ ranking in between. Inferno lined tracks, mixed with swelling bass and grimy dubstep, are the name of the game for Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen

Today, the project continues to stand as a moment-by-moment creation; Knife Party rarely dishes on upcoming music, let alone its future status in music. For the time being, one can expect Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen humor to continue setting the tone for maniac nights. Knife Party hits span festival sets coast-to-coast; SIMshows is proud to present them in our own Skyway Theater.