Ilan Bluestone and Jason Ross @ Rev 3/25/16
by Bradley Loiederman

On March 25th, Minneapolis has the pleasure to once again be visited by the Anjunabeats crew! This time, Ilan Bluestone, a progressive trance producer from London, and Jason Ross, the newest Anjunabeats member and an up-and-coming trance producer residing in Los Angeles, are taking Rev by storm and bringing a night of transcendence and bliss to Minneapolis!

Ilan Bluestone’s fascination for music started at a very early age, teaching himself guitar and keyboard when he was a kid. This interest in more melodic, calming instruments helped form his progressive sound that entrances every audience member. In 2012, he released his first solo track, “Namaste”, on Anjunabeats and started building up his momentum. 2014 was Bluestone’s biggest year so far, with his hit track “43” reaching number 9 and his “Snapdragon” EP reaching number one in the trance releases chart on Beatport. He also had the opportunity to play in some of the biggest venues in the world, such as London’s Brixton Academy and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

It’s easy to understand how he grew so rapidly in the trance scene when you listen to his tracks. Ilan Bluestone has a knack at adding layer after layer to a track until it explodes with transcendence and ecstasy. Take his remix of “Satellite” by Above & Beyond and OceanLab for instance: the track starts pretty standard of a trance track, with snares and hi-hats creating the beat and dimmed melodies tailing the ends of each measure. However, instead of completely ending that and moving to the next piece of the track, he blends together the beginning and layers on the vocals and heavier melodic bits. He peels back the first couple layers right before the drop, creating a serene vibe that surrounds the audience, and then he starts rapidly adding back each layer, dimming the once heavy beat to create that progressive feel. The track finally builds to the point of no return, and the drop pops the bubble created and fills the room with energy and glee! In fact, his tracks are so unique and addictive that they’re frequently used by Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and Seven Lions in their DJ sets! Ilan Bluestone’s rapid rise to stardom in the trance scene and his uniquely powerful tracks make him a perfect artist to start your weekend with!

While growing up in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Jason Ross gained an interest in electronic music at a young age, creating an EDM album at the age of 12. He started pursuing his career as a producer and DJ while attending San Diego State University, performing at clubs around San Diego and gaining a residency at Fluxxx Nightclub. His release on Monster Tunes, titled “Burma”, made it on the Beatport Top 10 Progressive House chart in 2014. Soon after, he signed to Anjunabeats and hit Beatport’s Top 10 Trance chart with his remix of Parker & Hansen’s “Gravity”. Since then, he has released numerous other tracks to extreme praise and has hit number one on Beatport’s Trance chart with his collaboration with Wrechiski, titles “Atlas”. His tracks have also been played at some of the biggest venues and festivals in the world, such as Madison Square Garden and EDC. In fact, his tracks have created such energy at EDC that Insomniac labeled Jason Ross as the “future face of trance”! With his hometown roots and his continuing rise to being one of the biggest names in trance, Jason Ross is someone you don’t want to miss!

With Ilan Bluestone being one of the biggest names in today’s progressive trance, and Jason Ross being one of the biggest up-and-comers in the scene, the Anjunabeats takeover of Rev is something not to miss! So let’s welcome these guys with big hearts and open arms to Rev on March 25th!

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