“In Trance We Trust” Ilan Bluestone @ Rev 2/6/2015
by Annette Lucero

Ilan Bluestone

Musically curious as a child, Ilan Bluestone started out by playing the guitar . However, he didn’t take typical childhood lessons; Ilan Bluestone taught himself. In time, Ilan’s childhood love for music creeped into his teenage years. Surrounded by brothers who loved to DJ, Ilan became exposed to trance and progressive tracks. Ilan’s brothers noticed the passion he held; they supported him as he began to mix and produce in his teens.

Tension, by Ilan Bluestone and Jerome Isma-Ae, makes any trance lover drool.

Citing Above & Beyond as an early influence, the famous group still continues to inspire Ilan today. Ilan Bluestone is living the music addict’s dream – he signed to the same Anjunabeats label as Above & Beyond; his music is a staple feature of their Group Therapy sessions.

Namaste by Ilan Bluestone took the trance world by storm.

The influences don’t stop there for Bluestone. Ilan holds admiration for Arty, the (former) Swedish House Mafia, and countless other individuals in the industry.  Ilan has received backing from the likes of Tiesto, Myon & Shane 54, Arty and Gareth Emery. A major milestone, considering Ilan Bluestone’s name gained serious traction only recently in 2013.

Don’t get us started on Snapdragon.

It’s one thing to say Ilan Bluestone “is killing the scene”, and will be creating waves “for years to come”. But seriously, just sit yourself down and listen to his WHOLE Soundcloud; it’s impossible to pick a track here and there, because they’re all THAT good. Tickets are going fast for Ilan Bluestone’s REV appearance this Friday, February 6th; make sure to get yours here.

Written by Annette Lucero