INTERVIEW: Cfans x Palladium
by Stephen Mann

“We’ve always been thinking of doing duo names, like Ebony and Ivory…”:

The Sit-Down Interview with CFANS and Palladium.


Notorious for both their music and goofy humor, local DJs CFANS and Palladium will be opening for Milo and Otis this Friday. In between their busy schedules, I caught an opportunity to interview them together.

Affectionately dubbed “The Cutie Pies” by a fellow DJ, Alex Amann and Anant Patel are known for balancing their musical talent with some serious humor. If you haven’t seen these boys at work already, brace yourself- you haven’t seen an energy quiet like theirs’. Booty is guaranteed- although it may not be the one you want to see. At the same time, CFANS and Palladium enjoy collaborating together because they understand one another’s styles. They can rely on each other to play off a selected beat-or will even pick the same song before dropping it. And surprisingly, this duo’s “love story” began only two years ago.

Palladium (Anant): “We started separately, I remember, we met through the [UMN] EDM Club. And then, the first time I saw him was in [the UMN’s] Centennial Hall, on Valentine’s Day… and we kind of kept talking from there, exchanging music, and we played a BPM show together.”
“We opened up for ‘Time Flies’ together, that was our first show …that was an awkward show, that was like, 5-16 year olds who did NOT want to hear anything that we were playing” (laughter) “and then from there, February 2012, we got to a point that where we had more fun playing together than separately, so we decided to keep playing shows together.”

CFANS (Alex):”It’s boring playing by yourself… yeah, I do like to make some tunes, and I do like to play them, but it can be boring by yourself. And when you have a friend [like Anant] next to you, we dance harder than the crowd.”
Palladium (Anant): (laughter) “Which is for better or worse.”


When asked if who a DJ collaborates with makes a difference, the response was a definite “Yes”.

CFANS (Alex): “DJing with someone else, who you don’t get along with, sucks. It’s terrible, it’s so bad… The mixing styles will be so different, and [the music] will sound all over the place.”

Yet besides playing together, both CFANS and Palladium hold a desire to produce their own music. Alex, who’s been producing music since high school, spent his early days recording beats for rappers. Although he’s only spent the past year taking music production seriously, Alex admits, “I suck still, but some of the [music] I’ve made, I’ve been proud of… I got bored of playing song after song that didn’t mean anything to me, so throwing in sprinkles here and there of something I edited, made everything so much more fun. You know, ‘I spent a lot of time staring at that, and now people are enjoying it.’ It’s a good feeling.”
As for the music he’s produced, Alex notes, “I made that bounce remix (TJR)…That’s actually the first remix I’ve sent to other people, and I’ve gotten good reception for… The Mambo remix I’ve made is the most played, by people… it blew up during Spring Break. Boombox [Cartel] plays it a lot in their sets; they played it at Spring Awakening.”

Regarding Palladium, Anant admits he hasn’t begun producing-yet.

Palladium (Anant): “I think it’s mainly time. I’ve got to spend more time and learn, sit down with Alex and actually learn more than I have in the past …Me, personally, I’m not a perfectionist, but I would rather it sound really good, or at least good in my opinion, versus just putting out crap, which I think a lot of people do… What’s the point of putting [music] out if you don’t actually enjoy it.”

When asked if Palladium still foresaw himself producing music next year, his response was, “Definitely. My 2015 goal is to release a track or get a track out there.”

Yet, the work doesn’t stop there. In regards to trying new musical styles, CFANS admits he has a side project in the works.

CFANS (Alex): “I’m starting a side project that’s not booty. It’s focusing on trying to make music that’s pleasant to listen to. I’m putting a lot of effort into that right now. But it wouldn’t be a change of genres. I would still do the ‘CFANSxPalladium’ booty thing… It’ll still be crazy.”

When asked about Friday’s performance, CFANS cryptically noted, “It’ll be much different; ‘booty’ but different ‘booty’.”

As for a potential duo name? The boys have some ideas.

Palladium (Anant): “We’re the ‘Cutie Pies’, but then, we never put that name out there…”

Palladium (Anant): “We’ve always been thinking about duo names, like Ebony and Ivory, and things like that, spelled Ebbny and Ivry, that’s how we’d spell it- with a Jesus Cross in between our names, like that, ‘Ebbny and Ivry.”

CFANS (Alex): “It should be a crucifix”

Don’t miss your chance to see these two in action at The Loft this Friday 09/26! Tickets available here.

Written by Annette Lucero