[SIMSHOWS.COM EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Bassjackers talk careers, production, and a national tour
by Stephen Mann


Bassjackers have been making their way across the country, on a tour with fellow dutch producer Dyro. They managed to find a little bit of down time to satisfy our curiosity. They reminisce about how they met, their favorite moment so far in their career, and a little fun fact about themselves. Get to know the Bassjackers before they arrive in Minneapolis on November 4th at The Venue! Don’t forget to get your tickets!

Where would you say your passion for music production originated from or what initially ‘sparked’ your interest towards this industry?

Ralph: When I heard one could make music on their own computer, I was so intrigued by the idea I had to know everything about it! I learned how much fun it was to make music and said my social life goodbye 😉

When and how did you two meet? After meeting, at what point did you decide to establish a musical partnership with one another?

Marlon: we became friends in highschool. Ralph was already busy creating music on his computer. A few years later I started DJing just for fun and I asked Ralph if he could make music that I could play out. I gave him a few examples and he started working on it. The first track we were both satisfied with came a not much later. This was the start of Bassjackers.

Prior to your successful partnership, what were you doing job/career wise?

Marlon: We were both in college. I was studying international business and Ralph did financial management. I have my Bachelor’s degree, Ralph even has his Masters degree.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Do you think this choice has an influence on the type of music you produce today?

Marlon: I used to listen to basically everything. From top 40 to Rap/hip-hop. I also used to buy all the CDs from the “House Party” and “Turn up the bass” compilations, I have always been a big fan of dance music.

Ralph: I listened to a lot of rock, and I think that’s the one music which also has the energy house can bring. It definately had an influence on what we make today.

Do either of you play a musical instrument? If so, did you ever undergo training, lessons, or performances?

Marlon: I used to spend hours messing around on my old keyboard and at some point I took piano lessons. Dropped out pretty fast because it came with so much homework. Still regret that a lil.

Ralph: I used to play a bit of guitar, my skills are rusty now though.

Growing up, what did you want to be or do when you reached adulthood?

Marlon: I always wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer when I was a kid. Pretty ambitious!!

Ralph: I saw myself being a kickass banker 🙂

What would you consider to be the best and worst aspects of being successful performers?

Marlon: Tour schedules can be pretty rough and tiring and you don’t get to see ur friends and family as much as u would want too but being able to travel the world doing what u love most and getting the love and energy from our fans makes it all worth it!

Ralph: The ongoing pressure of having to deliver an even bigger track as the one before. But that also makes sure we push ourselves pretty hard and then the coolest things get created.

What is your favorite part about performing? If possible, can you describe your most memorable or personal favorite performance?

Marlon: the being in the moment at a show where all comes together. The crowd is going crazy and that hypes u up even more giving that energy back to the crowd. One milestone performance is def closing the mainstage at EDC Las Vegas. Crazy crowd and then the sun rises. Goosebumps all over.

It is often said that ‘practice makes perfect,’ but how else did you acquire the skillset needed to successfully produce and perform music?

Marlon: A lot of practice indeed. And learn from the best. I always used to download livesets and watch youtube videos of big djs perform and analyze them. Huge influences were definitely Sidney Samson and Laidback Luke.

Ralph: Practising is definately the most impartant aspect, but as Marlon pointed out, there are always people you can learn from.

Do you ever experience stage fright or get overwhelmed by the size of your audience?

Marlon: I always feel this exciting feeling before every show. It doesn’t really matter how big the crowd is. Actually I used to get more nervous playing smaller crowds because its more intimate and u are more on the spot.

Who would you identify as being your biggest musical inspiration? Why do you consider this person to be a more significant inspiration versus other performers?

Marlon: As mentioned before, as a DJ I got inspiration from guys like Sidney Samson and Laidback Luke. They have an amazing skillset and really know how to read a crowd.

Ralph: Afrojack has been a big influence when it comes to producing, he got so big with that what some called “Dutch” sound, it paved the way for us.

Flash forward to ten years from now. Where do you hope to be in your musical careers?

Marlon & Ralph: Still doing what we do now but even bigger and better.

If you could tell the world one unique fact about yourselves what would it be?

Marlon: I love cold leftover pizza and chicken wings

Ralph: I love zombie movies!


And there you have it! An exclusive interview of the Bassjackers provided by Sound In Motion. They’re pretty down-to-Earth guys,  aren’t they? We are so psyched to see them throw down on Tuesday!