by Annette Lucero


Curious to see into the minds of Cosmic Gate, SIMshows flagged down these legendary producers for a momentary interview. The duo gave our staff a generous insider’s look; their hopes for “Start to Feel”, as well as their outlooks on Trance’s continued evolution, can be found below.

SIM: When “Wake Your Mind” was produced in 2011, it came out during a time of transition for the scene. Not only were styles creeping and expanding unpredictably, but the scene was experiencing a tug-of-war effect between nostalgia and growth. Fast forward to 2014, and “Start to Feel” was released amidst a much larger fan base. You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you hope veterans see “Start to Feel” as a maturing taste of musical growth, and as an opportunity to genuinely connect with music. What else do you hope veterans of the trance scene will gain from your album “Start to Feel”?

Cosmic Gate: You know, in the end music is like food; it’s all about personal taste. Something you do like we do not, and the other way around. Talking about it is highly theoretical, and so [is talking] about our work and albums as well. We simply want to evolve with every album we do; time goes by, we evolve as personalities, [and] the music all around changes. Our music [evolves] as well, and we were simply trying to say that we hope our fans evolve with us. Understand that for us as musicians, to do the same sound we did so many years before is simply not an option. [It’s not] because we do not want to, but because we do not feel like we did back then when we were doing our first albums. We simply would be bored doing and writing the totally same music. People would [also] be bored doing the same job they did many years before. Gaining of an album, we simply hope that the so-called veterans, [just] like the new fans, enjoy what we do and share our current music taste. As much as our sound, our beats and the bpm in our music might have changed in 17 years of working [together], our overall handwriting is the same; it’s Cosmic Gate, no matter if it’s 1998 or 2015.

SIM: You both have mentioned in previous interviews that with Cosmic Gate you try to bring complexities and emotion to a style that’s once been bleaker. How do you feel that your group has been able to push this forward?

Cosmic Gate: With “bleak”, we were more talking about the current sound of EDM; [tracks] focusing more on a big drop, instead of [like the] real song structures that we are offering on “Start To Feel”. The true feeling in music felt a bit lost to us. Sure we like drop tracks, but we can’t rage for a whole night on one drop after the other- something is simply missing for us… With “Start To Feel”, we tried to write real songs that [could] still work in clubs. We think we showed that [Cosmic Gate is] not wrong to say at least, but our fans [can] maybe answer this question. If we pushed a certain style forward better, then we can [continue to]…

SIM: What do you hope new trance listeners will learn about the scene, and about yourselves as individuals by listening to your albums?

Cosmic Gate: We do not want to teach people; we are simply hoping they like what we do. We show them [that] there is trance music a bit different [from] many others. [They can] have fun listening, get lost in it, be touched by a melody, maybe even get lost in a track- that’s what we hope our music does to our listeners, our goals when writing music.

SIM: What element(s) of the trance scene do you both hope will grow in 2015?

Cosmic Gate: Trance is such a wide genre these days, trance influences are heard all around. Whatever adds to this is welcome, and hopefully will lead to a trance comeback one day. We all know things run in circles, so one day trance will be back [as] music for the bigger masses again, like it or not. 🙂

SIM: What tracks and/or compilations are currently driving you? What do you listen to on a daily basis?

Cosmic Gate: We love listening to a lot of deep house, techno influences; DJs and producers like Maceo Plex, Stephan Bodzin, Tube and Berger, that’s a few names for example. Listen to our show “Wake Your Mind”, we have a section called Private Playlist where we introduce our personal favorites, this might sum our taste the easiest maybe. 🙂

SIM: You’ve had a long day and you need a break. What’s one of your go-to tracks that’ll clear your mind, and prepare you for production?

Cosmic Gate: Same answer as before; lower bpm music, but also a good movie, TV series like “House of Cards” or “Game of Thrones” are good for a break. We [are] not different here like any other person in the world.

SIM: Cosmic Gate has graced the scene for close to twenty years. Are there any other side projects listeners should expect in 2015?

Cosmic Gate: Nic will release a new solo single pretty soon, but we are actually swamped with work and playing so many gigs; time for side projects is basically non-existing. We will release a new Mix CD concept pretty soon, it’s called Wake Your Mind Sessions. New music, solo and collaborations, are in the early process of production as well, we try to keep you guys entertained!

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Interviewed by Annette Lucero