INTERVIEW: Scott Malam
by Stephen Mann

551441_2197955549766_330132560_n Marketing Director Scott Malam sat down with our writers this week to discuss his position in the Minneapolis scene, his dedication to this music, and what it takes to keep up with the seemingly endless show schedule that we have this year.

How did you initially get involved with SIM?

I started going to shows in 2007 and was overwhelmed with how amazing of an experience SIM left me with. I knew I had to be a part of it. I applied to be an intern way back in 2009. Got denied at first, but didn’t stop trying and finally made my way to an interview. I did everything from production to handing out hand bills after concerts. After about a year, I saw an opportunity in social media and ran with it.

How long have you been working with SIM?

Since 2009, but have been spreading the word since 2007.

As the marketing director, what are your main responsibilities?

I oversee all marketing, advertising, branding, and social media aspects of the company. I primarily focus on social media, as it is our biggest connection to our fans.

Did you go to school? If so, what did you go to school for and does it relate to the work you do with SIM?

I did and have a degree in something completely different than what I am currently doing. I, like many other students, struggled to find something to pursue after high school, but ended up finding my true passion in marketing.

What has working with SIM taught you about the marketing industry in general?

It is ever changing and always growing. Every day I learn something new about how to succeed in an ever competitive market.

What is the most satisfying thing about working with SIM?

Seeing the joy brought to so many different people. I often feel as if people are in their rawest form when attending our events. You can let go of whatever bad energy you have in your life and truly enjoy a night of positive vibes and atmosphere.

What is the most frustrating thing about working with SIM?

Small things that don’t really matter. It’s all worth it in the end whatever stress you come to in life. I get frustrated from time to time, but I never let it affect the bigger picture.

Do you hope to continue working in the marketing industry regardless of where your future takes you?

Marketing fascinates me. I could never leave it and truly be satisfied with what I am doing.

What inspired your involvement with this company versus other companies?

I truly enjoy working with the people around me. We are all one big team and family.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned working with SIM?

Cherish the small moments in life. Treat life like a game of experiences, and you have to collect them all. Never waste an opportunity as it could be your only chance. Every day is a new chapter. Make it memorable.

What is your favorite memory with SIM?

It still hasn’t really hit me all of the cool things I have gotten to experience over the years. I get to interact with so many amazing and talented people every day it’s hard to say. From our team at SIM and SSMF, to all the amazing artists we bring to town. Some of my best memories are things as simple as getting stuck in traffic with a particular artist and discussing the latest trends in electronic music, enjoying a quiet dinner before a show, or just watching every artist I have ever wanted to see.

From a marketing perspective, where do you hope to see this company five years from now?

Bigger and better than ever. Our whole foundation as a company is to always be “In Motion”. We are always progressing and striving to grow. We are simply a group of people who will not sit back and watch time pass. We are here for the long haul, and we are only getting started.