Into the Deep: Above and Beyond
by Annette Lucero

Thursday night’s atmosphere is shaping up to be one of the most legendary at Skyway Theater. Above and Beyond is set to grace the stage with an original tale; dynamic, goose-bump inducing “feels” are readying themselves to liberate everyone and everything in the building.

There’s no escaping music as engulfing as Above and Beyond’s; their style is welcomingly infectious. Brought to life in 2000, Above and Beyond was the curious byproduct of a fortunate series of events. Part creative outlet for Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki, and part Chakra “Home” remix compilation involving Tony McGuinness, “Above and Beyond” found itself amidst the search for a group name for their “Home” remix. After individuals such as Pete Tong’s BBC 1 premiered the remix, the then-unknown group quickly lit up on the radar. In the time since then, numerous originals, side projects and volumes have arisen from the group. “Group Therapy” saw it’s critically acclaimed album debut in 2011 with a 2012 tour following suite; 2013 saw a beautifully created acoustic rendition of Above and Beyond classics; and 2014 saw the legendary 100th Episode of Group Therapy at Madison Square Garden. Adding into the excitement, this past January saw Above and Beyond’s biggest debut yet; their third album, “We Are All We Need”, was met with fervor by fans. Ticket sales have been nothing but madness across tour dates, as sold-out after sold-out show continue to generously haunt the group.

The Anjuna family has further grown over the years; their quality is a challenge to compete with. What sets Above and Beyond’s label apart from many is Anjunabeats’ dynamic community of original producers. Although a common thread of quality and detail-heavy production connects them all, each individual signed to Anjunabeats and sub-label Anjunadeep brings forth a forefront of eye-opening style. The secret lies in Above and Beyond’s selectivity; critique is invaluable. A track’s success is mirrored by its ability to leave a simultaneously deep and effortless imprint. It needs to be strong enough for a big-room audience, while still encompassing the emotional state of a one-on-one personal level.

What’s more, Above and Beyond’s audience numbers speak for themselves. With over 30 million listeners tuning into Above and Beyond’s weekly “Group Therapy” radio podcasts, loyal legions of fans span thirty-five countries. Anjuna-niches exist everywhere; endearing fan love for Above and Beyond is the result of Jono, Tony and Paavo’s relentless commitment to the human element. Their songs are made for every moment of one’s day, whether it be good or bad. Tracks hold the ability to sing one to sleep on a dark and dreary night, while simultaneously filling another individual with excitement half way around the world. It’s Above and Beyond’s versatility that makes them so beloved, and it’s their dedication to becoming timeless that carries their reputation wherever they go.

May 14th’s Group Therapy session has been a long time coming; make sure to be a part of the sold out crowd this Thursday night at Skyway Theater.