Jack Trash is thankful for…
by jacktrash

Walking my beautiful Alaskan Malamute dog on a bright Thanksgiving morning was a great opportunity to think about some of the many amazing things that life provides. For starters, waking up and having the opportunity to live the day is the single most amazing thing to be thankful for. Having a healthy and strong family as a foundation to build upon is what allows my life to push forward as I build and chase dreams. There are so many reasons to be thankful, and the following list is written in no particular order, as it is built from my often random and un-organized mind…

Jack Trash is thankful for…

-My healthy and strong family (this one is in particular order)
-All of the support YOU have provided helping SIMshows and myself realize our dreams and push forward with building new ones (this one is also in particular order)
-The single moment of each show in which I can stand in the crowd and soak up the energy of the night, the music, the lights, the bass, the people, everything
-That melody that is so powerful that it stamps itself in your brain immediately, and you can not get it out
-That melody that is subtle and underlying, yet imbeds itself in a totally different way in your brain
-The fact that the many ways these melodies and beats cause so much enjoyment in my life
-The sun
-The earth
-Having a passion for music that has grown through the years, regardless of the changes in music, and continues to thrive with the movement and passion
-The entire SIMshows crew and street team… without these people there is NO WAY SIMshows or I could survive and do what we do
-The venues that provide us with opportunities to present the music we love
-Healthy feet – I have gone through 2 bouts of plantar faciitis, 1 on each foot, over the course of 2 years, and being at the point where I am about 97% and doing what I want sure if nice. I don’t ever want to take advantage of my health.
-My teaching job, and all the kids and families I have worked with over the years
-The dis & performers we have worked with who throw down and are passionate about what they do
-Having the opportunity over the years to chat and get to know a wide variety of musicians/producers/djs who have been influential to people
-Playing songs I love, and watching people respond in a similar way that I do
-The excitement and energy that people bring to the EDM culture
-The openness of the world, which allows us to communicate with almost anyone anywhere at anytime
-Friends (this probably should be in particular order)
-Olav Basoski
-Dj technology – from turntables to cdjs to software to hardware and everything in-between
-The many producers who have made, make, and will make music
-Rich Best
-Veterans, and current members of the armed forces
-The passionate people who share their views
-People who take the time to actually get to know someone else before passing judgement
-People who help other people
-Late night parties
-People who have been patient and understanding with me over the years
-Kevin Cole
-SSMF & our partners – React Presents and The Majestic Theater
-Being able to stay in business through MANY ups and downs, and having the team that has been willing to stick by things no matter what
-Fresh fruit
-Forward thinking people
-Former girlfriends who put up with my crap (and my wife, of course, who still puts up with my crap)
-The USA (even though there are a number of dysfunctional things with our country right now)
-People who push the envelope
-Agents who are willing to work with us to help keep ticket prices manageable and events reasonable to be able to put on
-Researchers trying to make life better, or save/prolong life
-Whatever else I am forgetting, which is surely a LOT, as there is way too much to be thankful for to include in any open post.

Much respect and love to the world and life, and every single one of you. Cherish life for every beautiful moment it provides 🙂

Jack Trash – ceo – SIMshows.com